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Simply shoot low in the lower side hull LSH areas and you will be fine here. Rear View Like the side armor of the IS-3 the rear is also very easily to deal with if you avoid shooting the turret although it is still weak to most tanks that face the IS-3 since the hull armor is very thin.

Each Skirmish battle will provide your clan with the Strongholds currency, known as "Industrial Resource". Currently there is no matchmaking component.

This site uses cookies. Your next best option would the the upper frontal glacis sections closest to you since they lose their horizontal slopes and thus become easy to damage. Looking at the weak spots located on the roof of the IS-3 you will see that they are numerous and provide many locations to damage the IS-3 easily.

To find out more, as well as how to remove or block these, see here: Such players provide one chip to the clan no matter how many vehicles of Tier V and up they have played.

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Strongholds is planned to have 3 battle modes however the introduction of Strongholds in 9. Medium will include tiersChampion will include tiersand Absolute will allow all tiers from The following is a list of how clan roles apply to Strongholds: Similar to Tank Companies, clans that wish to participate in skirmishes will select a level of a skirmish battle Medium, Champion, or Absolute.

If you see an IS-3 angling like this simply shoot the lower side Dating male virgo towards the front of the tank to tear it to shreds.

The mantlet 2 area is very weak since it has no armor behind the mm mantlet section, however it is difficult to hit without having your shell come in at an angle and hit the additional armor.

Once formed the leader of the detatchment will enter a battle queue. They will fight a randomly matched team from that queue. Strongholds enables clans to build structures using the "Industrial Resource".

Our Cookie Policy Share this: The other turret sections that are weak are mainly located around the mantlet since these areas are not angled much and can be penetrated by most tanks that face the IS-3 if you are being face hugged.

Commanders and Deputy Commanders manage chips distribution on Global Map. For further details see the wiki's guide here and the official guide here.

Only one reserve can be used at a time and once triggered the benefit will last 2 hours. Once a battle is placed, fifteen minutes before the battle starts, the normally grayed out special battles at the top of the screen will become active, from there you wait in a lobby that is similar to the company battle's lobby until the battle starts.

Industrial Resource also allows you to level up your Wot t32 matchmaking, which makes your Reserves give you bigger boosts. Every clan possesses one headquarters. You can use the Reserves whenever your clan decides will be most beneficial to you. The gameplay of this mode is based on the strategic struggle between clans for ownership of provinces on the Global Map.

When you build up this resource, clans can develop "Reserves", which are basically boosts to your earnings in all types of battles including random battles.

The type of structure will determine the benefit to the clan and the level of the structure will determine the amount of that benefit.

Once the battle has ended, all Clan members are notified in the announcements section at the bottom right of the game whether they lost or have won the battle.

In this game mode armored forces of different clans are represented by chips.

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Clans will form Wot t32 matchmaking a detatchment of up to 7 tanks for Medium, 10 tanks for Champion, and 15 tanks for Absolutes. Looking at the turret you will see that there are only a few places that are considered weak. Strongholds is a game mode available to clans and limited to members of the same clan.

In future releases structures will be able to reach level