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World of warcraft dating sites, welcome to lfg! register for free today!

Welcome to LFG Dating!

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Click below to create your profile, and welcome to LFGdating! WoW is an interest, if anything I'd say it's a better place to find someone than that club. And on another subject, it's always funny to say "there's no women on the internet".

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Sites like DateCraft and GuildCafe are part of a continuing trend to offer services targeting online gamers, a red-hot market which appears under-served when it comes to communities and the needs of the players. Of course there's lots of ways to meet new people generally it works best when you meet through something in common, a friend, an interest.

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Or drunk at a bar Romance is dead. While MMO's are a natural social setting for online dating, at LFG we put gaming on the backburner we all play so you can focus on what's most important: Some profiles offered a disturbing trade, exchanging cyber for WarCraft gold or rare items.

We've all got those single WoW friends in our close circles that need a push; they're looking for love, but they're doing it in all the wrong places.

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If you like that shit, then good luck to you. If you haven't stopped by our official " Why LFG? Gaming habits can be a dealbreaker in relationships, if one person thinks Friday night is a great time to run a raid, and the other would rather go to the bar.

With entire guilds joining the ranks daily, have you raised your LFG flag yet? Instead of the usual condensed life story on a first date, you could compare epic gear or debate Horde vs.

I like my local bar, I've actually started making friends down there, but all the best women are taken and the rest are up boring, humourless up themselves twats.

With over 9 million World of WarCraft accounts, some of those players have to be single and looking for love. I know more than one couple who've met on line and made it work better than "real" couples and been more interesting people.

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LFGdating is here to end the skepticism, and add a healthy and long overdue dose of reality, security, and legitimacy to the gamer dating, and more specifically World of Warcraft personals world.

DateCraft went live on Monday, so many features are still in beta or coming soon.

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Of course it's a stupid statement, but it's based in some truth, due to the rise of attention whores it's always best to assume they're a 40 year old man until sufficient proof is provided. And anyone you meet on DateCraft probably already knows that instance-running time fighting WarCraft bad guys on a Very Important Mission is not the right time to talk about where this relationship is going.

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All members already have a hobby in common, which should ease introductions and provide a starting topic of conversation. Pick up a copy of bizzare or something like, get reading, there's probably events listed which have a much higher density of people like you and those interested in you than you would find in most other places.

So what are you waiting for? It's a pretty niche audience, let's be honest.

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If only we could boot people from the offline dating pool as well. Not that romantic but neither is meeting her at a club with her booty all over your crotch. It's a good sense of humour check, I know at least one person who finds that statement offense rather than just laughs at how stupid it is.

Oh how we laughed on vent.

Originally Posted by axelnomnom 1 out of 5 people that get married met on the Internet. Of course you are! While our motto is "for the love of the gamer", it could have just as easily been "dating first, gaming second".

Well assuming you want a relationship and not a random hookup or, you're not one of those people who actually likes those ghastly places.

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Sometimes you just have to choose between sex and being yourself, though I like to think that in this big wide, messed up world, there is something for everyone. Still at least I don't have to watch people dragging their drunken "booty" over some guy's crotch while dreary music pounds my Waiting and dating by dr myles munroe cells into suicide.

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In fact, wow is a fine place to meet other halves, because you HAVE something in common.