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Others will remember his character, Antonio Scarpacci from Wings.

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You have a sentimental connection to the past. Even so, French traders continued to work in the region after the war, and some, beginning with Charles de Langlade innow settled in Wisconsin permanently, rather than returning to British-controlled Canada.

As the story goes, he encouraged her to pursue acting, and Jane followed Tony to the Yale School of Drama. From toGreen Bay was a prosperous community which produced its own foodstuff, built graceful cottages and held dances and festivities.

Rumor has it, Riehle is often quite willing to come back to Wisconsin to act in independent films being produced in the state.

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Tom Welling is best known for playing young Clark Kent on the television show Smallville, which is a Superman origin story. But it certainly seems comic books and graphic novels had a bigger influence on Snyder. He ran the show until NBC fired him- and Harmon went down in what you might call a blaze of glory.

Some miners found shelter in the holes they had dug, and earned the nickname "badgers", leading to Wisconsin's identity as the "Badger State". Gene Wilder — Milwaukee The man most of us know as the original movie-version of Willy Wonka and the hilarious young Dr.

Turns out there might be a good reason for that.

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On the brighter side, Chip Zien Funny dating requirements recently played heroic airplane passenger Mark Rothenberg in the film United But he follows in the footsteps of baseball-great Casey Stengel.

Tomorrow was cancelled to make way for a young man named David Letterman. In Texas, Governor Rick Perry vetoed Romeo and Juliet laws that had been passed by the legislature in[56] but signed one in to go into effect in September of that year.

The initiative also maintains a temporary exception for already existing marriages of minors 14 and 15 years old to adults, but forbids new marriages like these in the future.

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Yankees from New England and upstate New York seized a dominant position in law and politics, enacting policies that marginalized the region's earlier Native American and French-Canadian residents.

A border dispute with Michigan was settled by two cases, both Wisconsin v. Wisconsin[ edit ] Prior to Wisconsin had an exception to the law that allowed adults who were guilty of sex with minors 15 or older to use as a defense that the victim understood the nature of the sexual act, but there was a rebuttable presumption in Wisconsin that minors under the age of 18 were not capable of informed consent to sex, but as stated, this could be argued against by the defendant in the court of law if the minor was 15 years of age or older.

Chris Noth — Madison Whether you know him as Mr. The trio was forced to watch a bunch of terrible old B-movies — to which they provided sarcastic commentary. The English government eventually decided on age of 12 for women as their limitation.

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Of course, his biggest role was as the smarter, more level-headed of the two Duke boys. She credits the TV appearance with helping her land a job in TV news. The Keystone Cops were a group of incompetent policemen — kind of a stretch, right?

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Les Paul is the man credited with inventing the solid-body electric guitar. Shalhoub came from a big Lebanese-American family and had 9 brothers and sisters. Who is your favorite star from Wisconsin?

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On a visit to his hometown during a charity event a few years ago, Ruffalo told the Kenosha News about his warm and fuzzy feelings for Kenosha.

Of course, the character of Sloth was loveable while also deformed. Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: However, the British remained in control until after the War ofthe outcome of which finally established an American presence in the area.

Greta recently posted on her blog, GretaWire about teasing a junior high girlfriend, and in an interview with ClassicWisconsin. She noticed his talent and sent him away to an acting school in California.

Croix River in the west, and the Menominee River in the northeast.