6 Questions at the 3-month dating mark 6 Questions at the 3-month dating mark

Weve been dating for 6 years, how intimately do you know him?

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Yes, it is sad and pathetic. I think for your own well being, you need to close the book on this one.

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He feels inadequate and like he doesn't matter. This separation period should be sufficient and long enough for both of you to gain a clear mind for each of you want.

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What Customers are Saying: While you are settling for the crumbs of his time and attention, which he splits with numerous other women.

The dating period has been long over.

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Even if it isn't physically, he is emotionally cheating which is just as bad. But its time some serious talk come about. Not having common goals is a big problem in a couple.

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You may have to tinker with the plan, but don't play games. You must not see him in the past but in the future. To reduce the conflicts you may try to separate your roles and task.

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Get a Professional AnswerVia email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site. He has you as a fall back and convenient form of sex while he is out hunting and sleeping with other women, also to satisfy his ego, just like you.

Either he is exclusive or he isn't.

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After 6 years, both of you well know each other by now. JustAnswer in the News: But both need to enter marriage with the same need for commitments. If you don't have a dog, give yourself a free 5 points, unless he is a dog hater; in that case, give yourself zero points.

In the end, he Weve been dating for 6 years out the winner.

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Have you much energy for a uncommitted continual relationship with him? You become more independant and when you see each others you are less the same person. He needs women to assure him he is attractive.

So think about whether you're on the same page when it comes to morals and standards,what you like to do for fun, how you de-stress and so on.

I do know that if you don't do something your feelings will only get worst and ultimately hurt your relationship.

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I finished everything I wanted to, now we're just working to buy a house. The ultimate test is to try to agree on a common goal. Slime which is no good for you. Go straight to the point with mission, and he should be clear on this.