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Standard "Sweetone" In the "Sweetone batch" you also find guitars with red, blue and white pearloid finish. Sevral "Sweetone" guitars have other colors than the white perloid. But this was largely beneficial, the Les Paul-style Swede was, and still is, a very highly regarded guitar, perhaps the pinnacle of vintage Hagstrom guitars.

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Re-badged Hagstrom guitars In the early sixties, Hagstrom produced a number of solid bodies that were distributed by different companies worldwide, often given alternate model names and even different brands; for example Hershman in the US labelled some Hagstrom guitars as Goyawhilst Selmer in the UK used the marque Futurama.

Contact mods if you have a complaint. Just made in Sweden - Where else! In the second half of the 20th century, however, accordion sales were declining; but Hagstrom were there at the beginning of the new guitar boom, producing their first electric, the Hagstrom De Luxe in Just a link does not help the cause.

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There was some acoustic guitars produced in Oslo, Norway and a couple of Hawaiian lap steel guitars built in Falun, Sweden in the late 's.

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One big differes is that "the small model" had the binding on the middle of the side of the body. A community devoted to the exchange of guitar related information and entertainment.

Probably the very first De Luxe 90 guitras were those named "Big model" in the last part of the first official produced batch, from Hagstrom guitars of the s did conform somewhat to an establishing consensus admittedly Gibson's of what a guitar should be.

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In this first batch there was guitars built from to In the latter half of the decade solid bodies were selling well, particularly the Hagstrom II and III, as were the semi-acoustic Vikingfinally appearing in the hands of Elvis Presley in The Batman has set neck and came with or without Tremar tremolo.

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Most of these guitars were manufactured in Asia rather than Sweden, however the Dating websites lds Northern series instruments are produced in Europe.

Guitars like the Swede, Viking bass, and solid body H-series, though clearly influenced by better known American designs, were great guitars in themselves, and did much to earn the brand the reputation for high-quality, highly playable instruments.

They were by no means the biggest guitar manufacturer of the 20th century, but still very significant. If you do not agree with something someone else said, please either have a polite discussion or do not comment at all.

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This is the only guitar designed by Karl Erik Hagstrom himself. Hagstrom guitar catalogues Swedish musical instrument company Hagstrom produced guitars from the late s and for the best part of three decades.

There was four Vintage hagstrom dating electronic units to chose from, P12, one pick up and two buttons, P24 two pick ups and four buttons, P26, and P Also nick named "Duck's foot".

From january until the summer of the main business of the Hagstrom company was based on accordions.

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Like so many other classic guitar makers, their current product line is very much based on the innovative designs the company first developed in the s and s. But the Les Paul-style Swede debuting in was the guitar that really grabbed guitar players attention, selling well right through the seventies and into the eighties.

Same specifications as the Standard If you would like to be considered for our whitelist, message the mods! Visit our Wiki to view the full breakdown of what each is for. The finish with white perloid body and neck or white body with black neck.

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One important innovation by Hagstrom, and arguably one of the key reasons for their sucess, was the low-action "fastest playing neck in the world" produced by their patented H-shaped "expander-stretcher" truss rod rail.

Pre-production protoype of De Luxe, P46, Serial Vintage hagstrom dating, Available information indicates there was a pre production batch, P - P made in Some rather good reissues of the classic Hagstrom models are now available Vintage Hagstrom index.

Some models were direct reissues of older designs, others altogether new.