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Ki Joon stands up and screams at his Aunt, telling her to stop it. Kelly sent Kevin on a wild goose chase for Ace and he almost stumbled upon a weakened Todd at a mechanic's where Margaret's car had broken down. What I like most about this episode is how the tone remains so calm and controlled, every scene flowing into the next, every conversation interesting and brisk.

He warns her again NOT to let him see her cleaning his office. Director Shim questions the man that tampered with the light fixtures in an abandoned building, with Mi-yeon looking on, but she stops them when they start to apply violence to get answers.

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He smirks and concurs. The bottle of coke falls from her hands. The taxi driver asks Ah Jung where she wants to go.

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Stepmom is furious and ranting at Mi-yeon to divorce that no-good cheating jerk, until finally Mi-yeon yells at her to stop. But she agrees with his original sentiment, she does impose a lot. Nope, no texts from zee wifey yet, Ki Joon.

I'll talk about dramas if I want to

In counseling Ji-sook complains that Min-woo is a neat freak, and Min-woo says that she has too many secrets. Yun Jie is, thus far, a stereotypical good looking, confident and smart chaebol.

Ah Jung brings the porridge over to him in bed. Ji-sook asks Min-woo to trust her, and she tells him that they should get a divorce.

He asks if this charity is her plan to stop him, and says that nothing will change if she donates her money, and she should spend it on better things. First sister complains about not being able to land a good guy, second sister complains about not having a job.

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Seok-hoon enters the room and she mentions someone else who shares her values, and just throws him right under the bus: He still cares about her, and obviously she affects him. He tries to leave and she grabs his arm, ripping his jacket.

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Rex made a play for Jen but she made it clear that she loved only Riley. I never imagined that my wedding would take place under these circumstances.