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It was decided to begin serial production of the new vehicle and the vehicle officially entered service on 29 April The turret varies from 39—mm thick. It was equipped with an OPVT wading snorkelthe TSh-2A telescopic sight, TVN-1 infrared driver's periscope and IR headlight, a new R radio, multi-stage engine air filter and radiator controls for improved engine performance, an electrical oil pump, a bilge pump, an automatic fire extinguisher and extra fuel tanks.

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Additionally, the vehicle itself has a higher number of health points than the T The task of creating a basic PAZ Protivoatomnaya Zashchita NBC protection system offering protection against the blast of a nuclear explosion and radioactive particulate filtration, but not against external gamma radiation or gas, [7] was given to the KB design bureau in Kharkov and was completed in Because of the low quality of the equipment, the trials gave negative results.

Weak points The armor on the Type 58 is nearly identical with the one on the Type T and it does not provide any protection against the vehicles of tier V and higher: The tank was fitted with an external camera, the picture from which was relayed to a receiver in a BTRPU command vehicle.

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Most of them were for export. If you're doing this, it is best to hold your fire as well as bring along a camo net and some binoculars. These were not completely successful, so further T development continued to use the D series guns. Intwo Jaguar tanks Juegos de matchmaking manufactured.

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Inover T tanks were produced. A newly designed turret was formed by flat armour plates installed at different angles. Many of those changes were initially tested on the TM Ob'yekt Development, equipment, crew Just like its older brother, the Type T, also the Type 58 has a small number of modifications to develop.

Now you can unlock the remaining modules.

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The hull top was new. A Marconi fire control system which was originally developed for the American light tank Stingray was fitted.

The engine feeds a manual gearbox with five forward and one reverse gear. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew. The side hull is only protected by 80mm armor with 20mm tracks and a small 45mm hull piece under the turret.