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I even sat in the same seat! I decide to have a go. After a night of mutual cheating, they decide to enter an open relationship. Six, four, one, err, three, three. From out there, beyond the range of vision, I hear the distant fizz of an electric engine.

Trainspotting, it turns out, is the ultimate philosophical hobby.

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To the soundtrack of the murmured numbers, I carried on reading my music magazine. There is evidence that trainspotting comes naturally to men.

But in seeing the truth about trainspotting, I see that the callow year-old me with his music magazine was a chump.

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Last year, researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville Trainspotting dating app that women were better at recognising living things while men were better at recognising vehicles. Two, nine, nine, oh, oh. But what will save the art of pure trainspotting is time itself.

Alamy By Chris Moss 7: The carriage was almost empty. But if it produces more movies like Newness, we should me more selective about which film-makers we hook up with. Instead of talking about love, hope and death, they talk about Arsenal, Volvo and Top Gear.

I try to go into festival films with as much of a tabula rasa as possible, so I knew nothing about Newness other than its title and director. Costa by-and-large comes off unscathed did I mention that Catalan accent? The problem is, even with all the nudity, it feels like a total fake.

Unable to spend all my time at Cardiff Central, I have joined an online site, www. He was wearing a suit, evidently pursuing his hobby while on a business trip.

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They just look beautiful, take their clothes off a lot and occasionally shout. Adrian — still my friend — says men usually give up trainspotting when they discover women and only come back in their forties, usually with an interest in old rolling stock.

I hoped he was harmless. Well, if this movie is any indication, anything is welcome if it keeps these people from talking.

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I thought he was doing breathing exercises, or mad. When the train eventually comes I feel something like a release.

Chris Moss is the author of Smoothly from Harrow: I saw Newness at its Sundance premiere and, as the fate of the calendar would have it, it was in the same theater the Eccles Center at the same time 9. I only realised after an extended pause — during a rural stretch — that he was reading the numbers off train engines into a recording device as we flashed through Crewe, Stafford, Rugby.

They get back to his apartment at dawn but have no trouble mustering the energy to engage in marathon bouts of physical intimacy. They have no inner life, no observations, no conversation skills, no likes or dislikes.

Martin is friendly and handsome, but terse. Then they hang out for the day at an art museum. Martin and Gabi are dull and dreary to the point of this feeling like an exercise in anti-storytelling.