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Sure enough, a day after my registration and photos were posted, the letters began to pour in. I'm not looking specifically for scam sites, so if I ever find a legitimate site, I'll post a review about them as well.

The letters she was receiving were from real people, with real problems, real desires and real Toplop dating site. The majority of the better looking women on this site have had some professional photo shoots done and some equally professional Photoshop work performed.

I opened about 10 letters and responded to all of them.

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To those of you that believe you can find love on sites such as this, I hope this serves as a bit of a wake up call. The site is very slick and appealing and it even works fairly well.

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The excuses were many, "I have been cheated online before One of the offshoots of my RW experience is that I have developed the strange hobby of evaluating new agency sites. Age ranged from 18 up to about All seemed ready, willing and able to start an online relationship that would guarantee a nice flow of letters.

When I first joined, I started Google-ing the profile statements of the hottest women they had listed. Most of the replies took a couple of days with some taking about a week.

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Kudos to her for making the right decision and for having the decency to send letters to the men she had already begun correspondence with. Sure many of them are simply mirror sites that I don't bother with, but Marmeladies is a new animal of sorts and I felt a review necessary.

I answered all in the typical fashion as well, "how are you?

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Sure enough, most were listed on at least 2 or 4 other sites that are known scam agencies. Some of the ladies had a child, some lived in the Ukraine and some in Russia.

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November 18, Whoever does own this site has gone to a great deal of trouble requiring that the woman listed there remove themselves from every other site that they were previously listed on. Since it's officially a preoccupation of mine now, I look forward to finding and reviewing more new sites as they appear.

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Hmmm, could it be financially motivated? This time when I responded, I asked them all to reply to my personal email address that I Toplop dating site included in the letter instead of through the agency.

After sending one response to each of the letters I received, I waited for the replies. I continued to monitor the profiles for these woman on the other sites, and low and behold, they started to disappear one by one until their profiles could only be found only on Marmeladies.

Naw, that would be too obvious!

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Her profile vanished from Marmeladies the very next day. How generous of them!

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Do you think it could be that these "ladies" are being paid to write these letters? Most of the content in these letters was typical;, "how is your day? In her letter to me, she revealed that when she joined this agency she was led to believe that her correspondence with men was strictly "virtual" in nature and as such, no harm-no foul.

Now what do you suppose the owners of Marmeladies offered these women in return for their exclusivity?

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Soon she discovered that her experience there was not virtual at all, but real.