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With ShareCall numbers, the cost of the call is shared equally between the caller and the owner of the number. Rather they allow customers to advertise a single easy to remember non-geographic number nationally as opposed to multiple local numbers in each region.

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But with the MaxiCall numbers, the convenient numbers, the caller pays long-distance for the call. Rather than receiving a surprise bill at the end of the month, you work within your budget. MaxiCall is not toll-free.

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I looked at four different non-Telkom service providers and the rates ranged from 57c a minute to 76c a minute, based on time and area. If the FreeCall number is linked to another service provider again, a non-Telkom numberthe SmartAccess rate to that provider will apply.

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In these Toll free dating, there are additional interconnection charges that apply across networks. If the MaxiCall number is linked to another service provider, the SmartAccess rate to that provider will apply. With the FreeCall number, the owner of the number must pay the full cost, unless that number is linked to a non-Telkom number.

Any call made to a FreeCall number is free to the caller; regardless of its location in the country or where it is answered this excludes calls from cellular phones and other Medical school essay topics. ShareCall preceded by means if you call from a landline number, you pay only Toll free dating a local call 63c and it is routed to the main call centre; the numbers are toll-free from landlines but may incur cellphone airtime charges if you call from a cellphone; and the MaxiCall numbers are those created for ease of remembering.

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Sensing a conspiracy, Dama said he believed this was intentional and that someone was raking in money from supposedly toll-free numbers. Not just any number: The standard call rate for national calls extending beyond 50km applies or 46c a minute during Standard Time and 23c a minute during Callmore Time.

The first thing to note is that Icasa grants numbers to other service providers, not just Telkom.

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Therefore, the referred perception is actually a practice from the past when Telkom was the only provider of toll-free services. But then he discovered a few amounts - ranging from 70c for a local call to about R20 a call - had chipped away at his airtime.

Calls to MaxiCall numbers will be charged at a flat rate, with a minimum charge of 63c a call. This number varies based on times and geographies.

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Toll-free numbers are free, right? Dama though is not convinced - he says after reporting the calls were in fact being charged for, a strange thing happened: The ShareCall numbers, those beginning withmean you pay only the cost of a local call.

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