Here's a dating site exclusively for people who love tiny houses | The Daily Dot Here's a dating site exclusively for people who love tiny houses | The Daily Dot

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It now has its own dating site. But there is a light at the end of it. Just go to www. Could we go on a hundred dates through Match.

Not in the least. How does it work?

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And slowly, a few enterprising souls are popping out of the reclaimed woodwork to fulfill them. However as more and more people look at this option, as more jurisdictions welcome and legalize tiny houses and permit the development of tiny house communities, these preconceptions will change.

What does tiny house living mean to you? Paradoxically, are you worried that people are going to see this as exploitative?

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Check out the scene at Tiny House Dating. He considers himself exceptionally fortunate to have Tiny House friends all over the world. Can you tell us what you are noticing, and how people are describing themselves? How can people sign up? So what is the single tiny house person looking for?

How serious are you about tiny houses, on a scale from one to 10? The actual demographics amaze me. Tiny house people have needs, too. And the Tiny House Dating community contributed financially too, right?

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And it can be renewed as necessary without limits. The fact is, back yards do not have plumbing and the cost of installing it is prohibitive.

It's a lifestyle that isn't for everyone, let alone every couple. Their specific choices around friendship, dating or life partnership will vary, but the unifying theme is connection and understanding.

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But I think of it this way: That sounds like an interesting idea. We hope that members of other Tiny house dating like Minimalism, Simple Living and Homesteading will join, too.

Tiny house people, it seems, are flocking in hordes to find love. The bottom line is that we want to bring people together. Has the community really grown large enough to support our own dating site? Why create a Tiny House Dating website?

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