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Over the years, the philosophy that happiness Thesis on gross national happiness from having everything you want and that is satisfied through more money in the wallet, has gained precedence.

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We will look at three different ways of measuring and presenting economic growth in an attempt to examine the extent to which increased prosperity in the UK relates to an increase in happiness. Money is your standard measure of happiness. These goods or output are expressed in monetary terms.

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Innumerable varieties of goods are produced in an economy in a year. Evidence tends to say that this is not the life that most of us would dream about.

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As global population increases and consumption skyrockets, we are rapidly depleting the planet's natural resources, degrading its renewable support systems of water, soil, and air, and producing more waste than the Earth and the atmosphere can absorb.

It emphasizes that the material enrichment should not lead to spiritual impoverichment. Our wealth has come with unforeseen costs: We work and commute longer hours in order to afford those big houses in the suburbs, thus leaving less time to spend in those houses and less time to put all Americans are, by many measures, the most successful people ever known.

The exchange of goods and services be that through buying and selling, through government taxations or through household work carried out; is also economic.

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The poorest fifth account for a little over 1 percent. An economy is a variety of activities that amount to the production of goods and services e.

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Every year, millions of families declare personal bankruptcy, and credit card debt reaches new heights. Thus the total income will be the total expenditure made on the national product.

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This total income is spent on buying the output produced National Product. While exists the argument that in an already satiated society, goods and services tend to lose their appeal and thus, happiness or prosperity cannot directly tend to them.

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This total income is spent on buying the output produced National Product. Actions to this effect are poverty alleviation, green economy and eco-literate society. Our hectic work-and-spend way of life also has huge social costs.

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