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The hook up tackle shop orleans ma in to buying more! For the rest, Samurai is a great UK progressive rock band that came into existence after the band Webb folded its activities and Samurai went one to record only one single album. First all-complete copy I see in over 15 years!!!

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Have landed a 28 inch redfish, 22 inch trout, along with many bass and it has not yet slacked up! Needles to say, this beauty is hideously rare and just never turns up here due to totally bummed sales at the time and the marginal public it was catering to, making that maybe only a handful are still in circulation today while the remainder of the initial pressing was sadly enough but probably hoarded of to a near dumpster to get incinerated.

Casts smooth and the 18lbs drag is amazing. I use it for literally everything. The B Side sidelong track is a whole different affair.

Great casting, very smooth! Top condition, no signs of play at all. Throughout, Liebezeit gooses the proceedings with a masterful array of polyrhythms while the rest of the band with Schoof at help churn out high tension music that results in high voltage reactions.

Of course after being exposed I searched high and low for a copy but due to extremely bad sales, most copies were taken out of circulation and destroyed. There's even a segment featuring sound clips from the Republican National Convention. This copy is near mint so a better copy does not exist I believe and seen in that light, combined with the scarcity of this artifact I think we have a fair price.

First time ever I see a 1st original Japanese pressing of this beauty with obi. Copies with sticker obi still attached to the outer plastic case are almost non-existent anymore, the sticker obi is always missing and torn off. This reel is simply amazing.

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It seems misinformation is spreading like a bug on web pages and sorts. Chilling, lysergic, stupefying and outward bound, this is some of the best freeform junk that came out of the archipelago. Still like most true inventive Fire Music it is also an exhausting and equally rewarding listening experience.

I live in the north and fish 9 months out of the year and a ton out of a kayak this reel has been through it all. These investigations find their culmination in this ominous set here. I have had no problems with this reel.

While confining himself to blowing only natural bamboo flutes without any superficial aids such as additional effects, Sabu rips through his instrument with a disemboweling force that brings to mind fellow howlers like Masayoshi Urabe, Abe Kaoru and Thomas Ankersmit to some extent.

This was the second release of a complete set of 5 that in total span over 10 individual records. By Gregory January 16, Great for Surfcasters This shield is perfect for casting braided line, or even mono with a heavy lure or sinker.

I switched my entire arsenal to their concept reels and a few more inceptions will be added. It is light weight, ergonomic and sexy as heck. So maybe it's just me but I am really disappointed in the reel.

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So I will be expecting the cover in 3 weeks from today. These cats had it all down; gracious free-floating grandeur that touches divinity while creation unfolds itself. Bought one of these to try, and it was a great decision.

Comes on a salivating great designed picture disc by Rita Ackerman. The Grind Rod is at its heightened position and is loaded to its full potential.

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The concept A is an amazing reel. Last copy I saw up for sale sold within 5 minutes for dollars. Finally I was able to unearth another copy of this much in demand but hard to score deep underground enka masterpiece.

It is in a similar aesthetic that this Abe Tadashi disc falls into place.