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Cut a strip of double-sided tape that will run the width of the table. This will spark some healthy competition, no one wants to lose!!! Demi changed into a black silver studded jacket with a netted top Keeping up with the divas: The challenges are exciting and sometimes difficult to do, and really fun to watch.

Give the player a Popsicle stick to hold in their mouth.

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If a piece of a puzzle falls to the floor, you must pick it up before continuing on with the puzzle. Share this article Share Clarkson may have covered up for her appearance but most of the other divas plumped for more revealing outfits and dance moves, with Miley Cyrus and Ciara both opting for a crotch grab midway through their performances.

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Rowland stepped out on stage in front of a circle full of disco balls as part of the Donna Summer tribute Catsuit: For the games, we split up into two teams: If you run this game lots of times, you may want to replace the tape halfway through so the tape is still quite sticky.

Ciara sported leather trousers, fingerless gloves a white crop top and hat for her crotch-grabbing performance Shadow puppet: Chairs at the ready: We added several new games, ideas, and fabulous printables by Carisa at Messes to Memories that include game cards, game slips, invites, and hostess ideas.

The singer leaped into the delighted audience in an impressive leap And Miley Cyrus looked very much like the female version of Billy Idol with her cropped platinum hairdo and studded leather jacket as she sang a cover version of his hit Rebel Yell.

I've truly always wanted to be Debbie Harry. Ten feet away put the bowl on another small table.

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Earlier Lambert opened the show with Real Housewives star NeNe Leakes in a comedy sketch where the volatile reality star attempted to teach him how to be a proper diva. Give each teammate a straw.

The year-old wowed with her energetic performance complete with smoke machine and dramatic leap into the crowd, before ending with her single Got Me Good.

The grand finale featured a medley of Whitney Houston songs Tribute: Miley looked a far cry from her teenage alter ego Hannah Montana as she took to the fire-lit stage Punk image: