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Contents [ show ] Official description "'A New Hope' is the story of a boy who grows up in a tranquil home and dreams of joining a war.

Both the Justice League and Zod have a bone to pick with Checkmate. They notice that in the cell next to them is an Imperial pilot, Bodhi Rook, and Cassian begins to question him, curious if he is the cargo pilot that brought the message.

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He's even on record saying he would've played a generic Stormtrooper if it meant being part of the franchise at all. It's still called "Smallville" thoughto signify that it's a continuation of the series. Guess who the other winner was?

Eventually, his work caught the attention of LucasArtsand several of his works became canon.

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At one point, the 5th Doctor takes a close look at the 10th and laments "Oh no. Almost everyone except Batman and Wonder Woman.

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He was cast as Dr. He walks past the captain's chair, says, "Captain, we have visual", and is not seen again.

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He also apparently called up Steven Moffat in the middle of the night to rave about "The Dating high maintenance woman of the Cybermen" after watching it.

I need you to come back. Clark's costume in Season 9; Lionel and Lex all the time.

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Nicholas Briggs was fascinated with the Daleks and other aliens growing up, and later got into both TV writing and voice acting, including several Doctor Who radio plays. He was also the czar of the EU, with his word being almost equivalent to that of Lucas.

For years he'd stated that the only reason he would return to working for The BBC was if they were to start up Doctor Who Tabletop sam witwer dating and let him run it this is debatable as before signing on to do Doctor Who he was committed to produce a production of Casanova for the BBC.

When Stephen Hawking played himself in the episode "Descent," he said "I'm working on that" in regards to the warp core mockup on the Engineering set and asked to be seated in the captain's chair on the bridge set.

He also had a knack for pulling in other fans to work on the revived series. Sixth Doctor Colin Baker is also a big fan of Doctor Who before and after his run — having been a regular viewer ever since the First Doctor's tenure and still watches the show to this day.

As early as there had been talk of him doing a revival, too. In a time of conflict, a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Starthe Empire's ultimate weapon of destruction.

The fact that Ewan's uncle, Denis Lawson, played Wedge Antillies in the classic trilogy surely added to the fanboy fire.