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Examples of fused cyclic groups which each contain one oxygen atom and one or two double bonds are when the phenyl ring is fused to a furo, pyrano, dihydrofurano, or dihydropyrano ring. Where as depicted in Reaction Scheme I the anthranilic acid is acylated, the anthranilic acid is acylated with any of the above defined R3 groups.

For example, the styrene derivatives can be epoxidized with peroxoacids, such as m-chloroperbenzoic acid.

Recently, a polyethylene-grafted cross-linked polystyrene resin termed TentaGel has been made commercially available by RappPolymere Tubingen, Germanywhich resin can also be used with the present invention. The binding of erlotinib to the ATP-binding sites of the EGFR receptors prevents EGFR from producing phosphotyrosine residues due to competitive inhibitionthus rendering the receptor incapable of generating signal cascades to promote cell growth.

View at Google Scholar S. Quinazolinones Good dating sites australia as anti-HIV activity whereas compounds 3-aminomethyl mercaptoquinazolin-4 3H -one 65 were synthesized by condensing the acidic imino group of isatin with formaldehyde and secondary amines and evaluated for anti-HIV activity against HIV-1 III B in MT-4 cells [ 59 ] see Scheme This compound, known by the name methaqualone, though ineffective against protozoa, was found to be a potent hypnotic.

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This procedure and making styryl derivatives of the resulting quinazolinones is further described in Example III. The term "organic or inorganic cation" refers to counterions for the carboxylate anion of a carboxylate salt.

Methaqualone, the most well-known synthetic quinazolinone drug synthesized for the first time inhas sedative—hypnotic effects Fig.

Resins were then washed with MeOH and dried under high vacuum. Quinazoline and quinazolinone, being the central body of the pharmacophore, hold different types of substituent. This control confirmed that the procedure used to add the aldehyde, and in particular the addition of base, did not affect the aminocarboxylic acids used in the library.

The compound 89 was tested against a normal drug-sensitive strain of Plasmodium berghei in mice by the parenteral route [ 81 ]. Similarly, the term "C1 to C7 acyl" encompasses groups such as formyl, acetyl, propionyl, butyryl, pentanoyl, hexanoyl, heptanoyl, benzoyl and the like.

An in silico study.

The 4- substituted-benzylidine substituted-5,6-dihydrobenzo[h]quinazoline and 4- substituted benzylidine substituted-3,4,5,6-tetrahydrobenzo[h]quinazoline from 2- substituted-benzylidine tetralone-1 and several substituted guanidine sulfates are evaluated for their in vitro antileishmanial activity and they reported that compounds — show promising antileishmanial activity against Leishmania donovani [ 88 ] see Scheme Furthermore, any zwitterionic form of the instant compounds formed by a carboxylic acid and an amino group is referred to by this term.

Since the introduction of methaqualone and its discovery as a hypnotic, the pharmacological activity of quinazolinones, and related compounds, has been investigated. There exists a need to develop more complex "organic" libraries based on heterocyclic medicinal compounds which would require less optimization, synthesis, modification, and testing to bring an organic pharmaceutical product to fruition.

The compounds were evaluated for their in vivo antihypertensiveactivity. Further examples of amino-protecting groups embraced to by the above term are well known in organic synthesis and the peptide art and are described by, for example, T.

These and other types of resins well known in the art can be used in the subject invention.

Finally, the compounds were cleaved from the MBHA resin and tested for biological activity. The following Examples are intended to illustrate but not limit the present invention.

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Further examples of these groups are found in E. Scheme 53 Scheme 54 6.

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The resins were then condensed, first, with N- Acetyl anthranilic acid and then with 6-Methylpyridine carboxaldehyde. The term "carboxy-protecting group" as used herein refers to one of the ester derivatives of the carboxylic acid group commonly employed to block or protect the carboxylic acid group while reactions are carried out on other functional groups on the compound.

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A preferred cation for the carboxylate anion is the sodium cation. Furthermore, the term includes salts that form by standard acid-base reactions with basic groups such as amino groups and organic or inorganic acids. Scheme 71 A series of 3-benzylsubstituted-3H- 1,2,4 triazolo[5,1-b]quinazolinones have been synthesized by the cyclocondensation of 3-aminobenzylamino-3H-quinazolinone.