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Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person

When Dennis drops the shades to Charlie's window, inspiration strikes them both as they realize the titular "Nightman" in the song needs a " Dayman " to battle within the quickly appearing rock opera. Mac, Frank, and Charlie try to be viral video stars by covering the local news while Dennis and Dee seek fame as spoiled, drug-addled club hoppers.

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Dee tries to laugh it off with him, but then asks him to his face if he's retarded or not. Two members of the gang find themselves on the wrong side of the law due to mistaken identity: Mac dismisses the idea in favor of Chemical Toilet because he thinks it will get them all laid faster.

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Dee lets it slip that she's picking Kevin up in an hour. At Frank and Charlie's place, the band is hard at work sounding terrible.

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Dennis insists on wearing spandex, believing it will make him a rock god. Dee and Dennis clam up, uncertain if Kevin overheard the two of them constantly repeating the words "retard", "normal" and numbers associated with each.

He continues to throw popcorn into his mouth while he laughs.

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After choosing a guitar based entirely on how he looks when he holds it, Mac is shocked to discover that Charlie can actually play keyboards. Of course, Charlie would prefer to be behind a curtain on stage, but Mac is already more inspired because someone in the band can actually play an instrument.

Everything is settled when Frank announces he's found the perfect set to buy.

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The two of them enthusiastically put together the song for their own band. Dee gets jealous of her high school friend who lost weight and has a successful career in fashion design and decides to start her very own sweatshop.

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The entire gang struggles to compete with a local bar owned by a Korean man who looks like Kim Jong-iland then decide to sell out by offering Paddy's Pub to a corporate chain. Dennis joins him and insists that they join forces. Dennis tells Mac that Kevin is "totally retarded.

Sweet Dee and Mac adopt a baby that was abandoned in a dumpster, Dennis volunteers with environmental rights activists, and everyone in the gang become vigilantes to solve Philadelphia's homeless problem.

Dee berates Dennis and rushes out to salvage her relationship with Kevin.

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Charlie rushes off of the stage with his dreams completely destroyed. Dee, horrified, realizes that Lil' Kevin holds the popcorn bowl in a way that would certainly score in Dennis' game.

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Kevin isn't amused anymore. She stares at him while he laughs loudly and disjointedly at the ensuing childish action on screen.

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Mac immediately recruits Frank into the band and Dennis leaves the Gang completely appalled.