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You need a tach. The Beach Boys sang about it.

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The deep bezel is part of what made these tachometers so memorable. The "Green" wire from the tachometer should be attached to the negative side of the ignition coil only, and usually but not always it is a black wire with a white stripe or it is a solid white wire that will come off from the negative side of the ignition coil and often has a tab on the wire that says "Test" or "Tach" and the wire ends with an open black connector that is used for connecting a diagnostic device or tachometer for diagnostic purposes, and this is the wire that the green wire from the after-market tachometer should attach to.

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Wiring was simplified too: The dash top tach drove home that point loud and clear. Fitted with a knurled situated within the center of the tach, you could easily adjust the redline to suit your engine.

Plenty of us lived it. Connect the white wire to the instrument panel lighting circuit connected to the dimmer control switch. The tachometer nailed to the top of your dash or strapped to your steering column was always and still should be front row center.

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The instrument bodies are all metal and they include a removable chrome cup, two mount brackets one for the dash top and another for the steering columna steering column clamp as well as a rubber clamp insulator.

The new Super Tach was decidedly modern. The "Red" wire should be attached to an "ignition" source connection on the fuse panel and have battery power when the key is in the "Run" position only, the "Yellow" Sunpro tachometer hookup "White" wire should be connected to the "LPS" source on the fuse panel, and the "Black" wire should be connected to a good ground source and if the tachometer is not properly grounded then you will get a primary voltage shock from the ignition coil every time that you touch something Sunpro tachometer hookup inside of the vehicle.

Consult your owner's manual to find the position of the tachometer lead on your vehicle.

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This setup was used to stabilize the needle on the face of the tachometer. The same applies to the stepped chrome bezel as well as the deep signature chrome cup. How to Wire a Sunpro Tach by Michael E Carpenter Sunpro is a maker of gauges and tachometers, and has been producing these devices since In this case, the wiring was typically consisted of this: Let me know if you require any further assistance.

Use this connection on vehicles with a distributor.