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Speed dating worksop, a selection of veloweb readers’ randonneur bicycles

It can also be seen in this shot taken in Parliament Square. The CXB chassis deserved better! I debated what type of shifting system to use.

To run lights, I added a SON 28 dynohub and built a new front wheel to go with it. The tires are Grand Bois Cypress 30mm, which have the fast, supple casing of a race tire combined with the comfort of a wide tire.

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The wounds were made from behind on the back and buttocks while they were exposed to the elements, consistent with the contemporary descriptions of Richard's naked body being tied across a horse with the legs and arms dangling down on either side.

With the Centaur gruppo broken, we said goodbye to any discount that might arise from buying a complete gruppo instead of individual Speed dating worksop, and started evaluating each of the component choices.

For my comfort, I added a venerable Brooks B saddle and some massive 55 mm Velo Orange aluminum fenders. The stems, Speed dating worksop, seatposts and saddles are all fit components and Ed came up with optimal choice for each of us, sometimes after several rounds of trial and swap.


Although my bike is set up with a road triple and a mountain bike cassette I have yet to shift off the middle ring and I am considering going to double or simply a single ring up front. These brakes are beautiful, work wonderfully, and there is plenty of fender clearance.

Couplers only fit round tubes and very few modern bikes have round tubes, so this requirement did limit our choice. The service, shown live on Channel 4included memorial prayers for Richard III and the victims of Bosworth and other conflicts.

For too long, people in Leicester have been modest about their achievements and the city they live in. Doug on component choices: The traditional French canvas and leather Berthoud GB25, can handle most everything I need for a long brevet.

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I was also tired of replacing drive train components destroyed by rain and road-grit. Production of these frames stopped inand the project was handed over to Longleaf Bicycles.

When this happens, it takes a few pedal rotations to engage. Just let up the pedal pressure a bit to negate it. However, the Van Nicholas benefits from a stiffer front end and is a more confident descender.

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The front rack has an integrated mount for the headlight and braze-on loops for the wiring. At this point I think the only original parts are the frame, stem, bars and brake levers, and even the frame was touched up a few years ago by Sam Whittingham, with some new braze-ons and paint.

To improve reliability, I replaced the loose bearing bottom bracket with a high quality SKF sealed unit which is supposed to deliver up to 10 years of maintenance free use.