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Taken from a Penzance to Paddington express hauled by is this view above of the bridge from the western end.

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The rear end was accented with a total of 52 distinctively arranged LEDs in the two taillights. Perhaps this was the final straw, because that summer the crossing was removed and replaced with a new one a hundred yards or so south of the road bridge. Sunny days beside the seaside really deserve colour photography, so I returned to the West of England twice more in the s with Kodachrome film in my trusty Pentax; the pictures which follow were taken on these visits in May and June I was drawn to this viewpoint showing the viaduct in the background below by the opening credits for the s TV comedy programme 'Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?

Work on the new junction was in full swing in June as No passed the pw gang with an up express below. The wheels were updated to more modern-style ones. Recheck each assem- bly step if the saw is received assembled.

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Be independent Use your own server and Internet address. Nearest is the Redheugh Bridge eventually demolished in and replaced with a new concrete structure ; beyond is the King Edward Bridge of with a Class 47 heading an up express out of Newcastle; then the other railway and road bridge, the famous High Level designed by Robert Stephenson and opened in ; next is the low level Swing Bridge of ; and finally the Speed dating im zug Tyne Bridge of No doubt those who grew up with the all-green or even the s all-blue versions will have a different view!

Looking the other way at ground level towards the station above gives us this view of another 'Peak' No with a special working, if the headcode is showing correctly. I started taking colour slides in shortly after joining Whickham Camera Club.

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The following chapter features a selection of shots I took during a five-day visit to the Rheine to Emden line in West Germany in But if you'll remember him, he'll live forever. East of the station the railway runs alongside the seawall, where is approaching from the north below.

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By the last of them had bowed out, bringing to an end nearly twenty years of the various diesel-hydraulic classes on the Western Region. A final view at Low Fell that year sees No leaning to the curve on the approach from the south, with the floodlighting towers of Tyne Yard Speed dating im zug the background.


The new order, on 31st May ! No doubt over the years countless thousands of young boys would have gained access to the back of Gateshead sheds by this route which involved a steep climb but avoided the watchful eye of authority!

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On a similar working No has just crossed the bridge above On dating site is passing Gateshead depot with an up express on 27th July The scene at Pelaw above of No taking the Leamside line has changed dramatically since this picture was taken in - the flyover carrying the Metro trains to South Shields and Sunderland now blocks the view completely, and the Leamside line itself has been closed and is currently 'mothballed' for possible use in the future.

I understand that the building is now open as a museum, with various items from the atmospheric line - not one of Brunel's successes, it must be said. The indicator blinds on D are obviously out of action as stand-in figures have been stuck on.

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The W features sharper exterior styling most notably wide fender arcs and technological improvements. Shortly after passing Manors, trains would cross the Ouseburn Viaduct.

Train de vie IMDB; originally posted to the rec.

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Move ignition switch to ON. An diesem Abend gab es ein furchtbares Gewitter nach Einbruch der Dunkelheit.

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Immediately after crossing the bridge main line trains would turn right, as shown in this view below of No Ballymoss at King Edward Bridge Junction. Despite scouring my notebooks no details have come to light, but a Type 2 assisting an ailing Brush Type 4 on the Anglo-Scottish Car Carrier shouldn't be too hard to trace, should it?

Back to the London end of the station below as the driver of a sparkling clean D Western Emperor chats to fellow railwaymen as he waits for the road with a train for Paddington.

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