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Paper burns, for example One of TriMet's articulated busesin service — Vampires in Hellsing are all faster than humans.

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She was able to catch the above mentioned Misora, while using said artifact, with next to no effort and did it so fast and completely unprecedented that even her three strongest classmates were greatly surprised. According to Oda the three fastest crew members are BrookSanji and Luffy who would best the other crewmates in a 50 meter race.

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Zodd Griffith's now right hand man can best be described as the living blender, he is fast enough to reduce armies to ribbons and with his Minotaur beast form he can travel cross countries with his demon wings.

He lives between the ticks of a second. He noticed an assassination attempt, darted out and stopped it, then returned to his original position without Patricia seeing him move.

They can speed up so fast, it's as if time stops for the rest of the world. Most fights he enters end up being horribly one-sided. While never running at "super speed," he's able to run 40 yards in 4. The rebuilding, to take over 2 years, is part of the MAX Green Line project, but will also replace all infrastructure for Good dating sims pc on the already year-old transit mall.

But this ehanced speed comes a dear pricethe more he opens the gates he opens the damage happens to his body. The main character has speed that resembles the speed of a series teleporter. At his highest speeda long trail of chakra forms behind him, and he is able to deflect attacks with the resulting shockwave alone.

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Ichigo's Bankai allows him to perform hyper-speed combat against Byakuya, who is noted for his extreme Flash Step talent. In Part II, Kakashi makes hand-signs that are now too fast to see which leaves you wondering what his bones are doing in the meantime.

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The capacities given are for a single light rail car; a two-car train has double the capacity. He uses it rather recklessly in attempts at Mundane Utility such as cutting in line at the cafeteria, and often gives himself Amusing Injuriesthough he compensated by buffing up his body for extra toughness and wearing armor concealed under his school uniform.

And she is not even using her Super Mode. This is a standard power of higher leveled Digimonwho generally showcase it by performing a Flash Step.

Co-protagonist Fate has this when she's using her Shin Sonic Form. Nobita's Little Star Wars movie, Doraemon has a gadget that makes a person capable of Super Speed fast enough to become invisible as long you have the stamina.

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A fan translation group translated her skill even by that name. Dyspo from Universe 11 takes this Up to Eleven: It's still impressive compared to the later sagas, since Krillin and Roshi had a whole conversation, argument and rock-paper-scissors match in apparently nano-seconds.

He's not the only one, either.

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If used sparingly, it can act as a type of Flash Step and increase his ability to dodge. It reintroduces rail transit service to the Portland area, missing since the s. Burter is hailed as "the fastest in the universe" by others in the Frieza Force, but his actual fighting speed is fairly average for his power level be it still far above the universal average.

In HeromanJoey has this, to compliment Heroman's huge strength but lack of speed.

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It's less common than flight, which makes it neater, but still ends up being tacked on to a few Flying Bricks. Yuki Nagato of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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Turns out, thanks to a certain Reality Warpershe really was firing laser beams.