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They run into a small wrinkle, however, when she initially searches for the police officers, and Min-young runs ahead to create a distraction. I love everything about this drama. She thanks him for his bold confession, which now gives her the courage to face her own cowardice.

The cocky chef was more than happy to accept the offer, prat. She advises her to be careful and not give everything of herself, lest she wind up hurt.

I dislike that creepy girl that came to the agency on episode though, but I'll just ignore her. Min-young gives her client some last-minute words of encouragement before sending him out to the battlefield.

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Ia lalu menuangkan minuman. She merely warns Min-young to remember her cardinal rule in the future: But what could compare to this moment — the moment you confess your feelings? You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Wahh ahir'y ada jg sinop'y, q dh nnton nie, ampe ep 14,syg msih eng sub jdi kurang paham Mksih sinopsis dating agency cyrano ep 9. Aku agak kesulitan pada bagian awal ini karena adegannya berpindah-pindah dan masih pengenalan tokoh.

It's so sad that it's over already. As if I needed to remind you.

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He worked on the script for 2 years, changing almost everything in the first draft but the film's basic framework. Also a recipe notebook. Who played chef yeom With time ticking sinopsis dating agency cyrano ep 9 pressure mounting, Sino;sis offers his deal: The concept of this drama is intriguing, enough so that I'd want to actually be a part of a team that did this, since I so believe in love Itunes hookup not just romantic love, but in the broadest sense as well.

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Sinopsis dating agency cyrano ep 9 part 1 However, I have this strange sense that since their story is only one episode, this couple might not get their happily ever after. That evening, Dal-in spots the two ladies walking by and pops out to greet them, exchanging pleasantries.