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Singer uses the example of a drowning child in a Singer essay famine affluence and morality pond.

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He weighs the thoughts whether if it was worse if his clothes got wet and dirty or the death of the child. I suggest that one should give to a charity because it allows them to give what they can afford.

Whether it be a distance of 20 feet, 20 yards, or 20 miles makes no moral differences. Singer suggests that it should be moral to help those in need without causing the same effect upon them.

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One must contribute much as they possibly can to avoid the problems of death and suffering in disturbed populations. Another counter argument is that overseas aid should be the responsibility of that countries government.

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If someone can prevent something bad from happening without giving up something of equal importance, then they should. By refusing to give to private charities you are just increasing the suffering.

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Another reason I am in the middle is because there are several people in my own home town that need the help. A third counter argument that is presented is that by not giving to relief funds creates population control. Would this type of world prevent suffering?

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One should sacrifice their wants rather their needs, marginal utility. Singer also argues that if he is unable to consider the needs of the people in Bengal that his money is not going to do a great deal for the people nutritional, medical, and dwelling needs.

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It can be compared to giving tithes when you go to church. The final and third counter-argument is that Singer question exactly how much we should be giving away. He states that the famine relief is in a more critical condition instead of the purchase of clothes, that one does not need.

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Singer also uses the example if everyone gave X amount of money to save the famine of the Bengal society. Charity is spread abroad, whereas in duty is obtain from within.

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Many people choose to turn a blind eye to what is going on around them. To accommodate a duty on someone with little or no wealth to a famine society would place our town and cities in the same dilemma.

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No matter the distance one should help those in need, if anything at all, like the surplus of food in the pantry unlike by family members, clothes that are too big or too small, and sometimes money matters.