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I thought writing about the four floors would make an interesting change from writing about tamer aspects of life in Singapore. I happened upon a British expat, and I asked him if he knew the reputation of Orchard Towers: The girl followed me in.

Getty My next target also admitted to knowing the reputation of Orchard Towers.

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Inside, I found a grim little lobby. She too turned out to be from mainland China, and she too spoke Mandarin.

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Who was I kidding? Massage parlours need a licence. So I asked what services her beauty parlour offered: I did notice that all the beauty parlours had a pretty girl perched on a stool outside, but never mind.

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I approached one sporting a short, low-cut bandage dress; I thought her outfit a bit much, but what she wore was up to her. Expat life Sex in Singapore: I reasoned that perhaps the working girls liked to get their nails done between jobs? I was just being nosy — or worse, voyeuristic.

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There was a closed door behind the reception desk — I could just imagine the massage bed behind it. I trusted there must be plain clothes policemen around if anyone came at me with a cleaver for asking too many questions My general intention was to wander around talking to solitary Western men — so either expats, or tourists — and assorted Asian babes.

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Too late I realised this plan had its snags. Yes, even gleaming Singapore has its grimier side. Speed dating troy mi rolled his eyes.

The four floors have inordinate numbers of beauty parlours. I asked him what was going on with all the beauty parlours. I asked her what services her beauty parlour offered other than facials.

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I come for drinks. And yet there are also places where Singaporean spotlessness gives way to dirt.

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The chairs and the reception counter were cheap plastic; the only decoration was an A4 laminated picture of a Western woman having a facial. Then it was a myth men came here to buy sex?

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Telling myself I was motivated solely by journalistic endeavour, I rocked up in the early evening, before business had really got going. Here too, uniquely in the region, corruption in public life is not tolerated.

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