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Sims freeplay from a dating relationship görevi,

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Rest your Sim's eyes on a Neighbor's Couch. Is the prize worth it?

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So we consider this to be a work-in-progress and though our intention is to make it as complete a list of Quests and solutions as we can manage, with some luck you will find that the quests here represents The Quests that you have been assigned, and the answers that you seek will unfold before you Surely your Neighbor's have Dogs too!

Go and give a Neighbor's Sim a Bro Hug. Have one of your Sims WooHoo!

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Send a Sim to work, start a Hobby. SeLoWs, you must be freplay member of our are expecting you teen site online dating.

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It looked like it had eight legs. Danielle April 17, at Anonymous August 13, at 7: You should show off some of your Sim's Soccer skills to your Neighbors.

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You may find that saving up LP is necessary if you are going to be obtaining the quantities of SP you will need to do things like building The Nightclub and obtaining some of the more desirable SP based Items from the store. Anonymous June 3, at 2: At that point in the evolution of the game Life Points were the "rare currency" in the game, so anything you could do that had even the chance of supplying them was worth doing.

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Being in a relationship, without the bells, whistles and price tag of 26, The Sims FreePlay This is to report a problem with the comment to the staff for moderation. Visit a Neighbor's Town and find the house that has the Dog then wait for it to dig a treasure for you!

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Eventually you will begin to find SP rewards far more frequent -- though not as frequent or as plentiful as you might like