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In JanuaryLucy Lawlessthe show's star, told Lesbian News magazine that after watching the series finale in which Gabrielle revived Xena with a mouth-to-mouth water transfer filmed to look like a full kiss she had come to believe that Xena and Gabrielle's relationship was "definitely gay".

She went on to say that perhaps with marriage counseling Ron and Hermione would have been all right. And that's what matters. Although Tom became Jane's boyfriend, threatening Daria and Jane's friendship in the process, Daria and Tom warmed up to each other throughout the fourth season, leading up to its finale, "Dye!

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Parallel to this development, the term "slash" was also being used in some fandoms to denote fan fiction or other fan works depicting sexual acts with an implied rating of NCwhether homosexual or heterosexual.

I had no idea there was this huge underworld seething beneath me.

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Though their romantic relationship becomes one of the few sources of comfort in Harry's difficult life, he makes a decision to end it for fear that Voldemort would learn of it and target Ginny. She stated that Hermione and Ron were written together "as a form of wish fulfillment" as way to reconcile a relationship she herself was once in.

The show acquired a cult following in the lesbian community. This caused the term to spread to heterosexual ships. The show's writers responded[ citation needed ] by having Daria develop a crush on Trent.

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But please, allow everyone the grace to take what they need from the show and make it theirs. Love-hate [ edit ] Romances between two characters who canonically hate each other also occur.


This is not to be confused with a haremwhich is usually just a single character being sought out by many others. The debate was satirized by the show's writers in a piece on MTV's website.

Some consider such pairings bestiality. Rowling appeared to try to tamp down the possibility, stating at one point that Harry and Hermione "are very platonic friends". An elderly adult with a young adult, anyone with an immortal or slowly-ageing being, teenagers with young adults, or pedophiliacs are all part of this category.

My Darling," broadcast August 2, This has been received negatively by some fans, especially those who ship non-canon pairings. Warrior Princess often saw "shipping wars" that turned especially intense due to spillover from real-life debates about homosexuality and gay rights.

Toward the end of the first season, the show's producers began to play to this perception by deliberately inserting usually humorous lesbian innuendo into some episodes.

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Storylines that were seen as betraying the subtext, particularly the Xena-Ares relationship in the fifth season, were met with intense hostility from Ukraine dating site scams small but vocal group; at other times, non-subtext fans grumbled about what they saw as pandering to the pro-subtext fan base such as several sixth-season episodes emphasizing Xena and Gabrielle's transcendent bond as soul mates.

It is especially controversial when between a human and an animal or furry. Another example of non-conventional shipping is in the Homestuck fandomwhich introduced three new shipping categories: This caused an instant uproar, and conversation now turned to whether Tom was more appropriate than Trent had been.

Five hours later or something, I get up from the computer shaking slightly [all laugh]. And it enabled many to be empowered on many levels, for many walks of life.

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In that same interview, she stated: There was an incentive for the rival groups to out-shout one another to make themselves heard. Situations such as that may be the one to cause a polyamory relationship.

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Shipping dating service, Xena had a number of male love interests as well, and from the first season she had an adversarial but sexually charged dynamic with Aresthe God of War, who frequently tried to win her over as his "Warrior Queen".

Please stop the arguing and name-calling and need to be right, because in the end, the show worked, it healed, it changed lives, it created new Shipping dating service, new loves and new thought, and it was bloody fantastic. Using these human ages gives way to a smaller age gap.

So if one definition doesn't work for you, then discard it. The uproar was the subject of an article in the San Francisco Chronicle. Age difference [ edit ] Controversial age differences have a wide range.

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