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In the DC Rebirth era, it's explicitly stated that Kate Kane is 27 years old and has been Batwoman for only two years. Kakashi supposedly graduated from the Academy at age 5, and he became a chuunin by age 6.

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In Asterix and the Roman Agent, Convolvulus tells the legionaries of Aquarium that they outnumber the Gauls twenty to one. Setting and themes[ edit ] The anime is an adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristoa French adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas which began as a newspaper serial in During the first game Maya was Eleya tunes her shields' waveform to be degrees out of phase with those of a Borg probe so a close pass ramming shield into shield eliminates both.

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Konoha's ninja population seems iffy. It's heavily implied in the episode mentioned above that she is much more than she's letting on, only masquerading as a common soldier. In the New 52Bruce Wayne has only been Batman for six years.

Combattler uses the Choudenji Tatsumaki — paralyzing the enemy by blasting it with a stream of electricity — and then rams through its adversary as spinning endlessly.

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They have arms and fight with giant knives on occasion. One mission in the "Just Another Day" parody series of missions had fun with this. For comparison, the United Kingdom's entire armed forces currently consists of six divisions, ONE of which is an armored division, 40 armoured divisions would be larger than the entire Indian army and only slightly smaller than the Chinese one.

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One day everything changes as Ryan runs off to join a gang shocked by the hurt and betrayal Raffa beats Ryan half to death and joins a gang and starts to perform acts that were against the law such as drugs, stealing, killing. Soon they're friendship becomes tested by an accident that will change both they're lives forever.

That is, until Midnighter flies a km long starship into the island and obliterates the enemy lair. Gohan's age at the start of the series is four.

Then brought full circle when a Garfish-class light cruiser, the Invid's usual victim, pops out of nowhere and rams one of their communication towers before self-destructing.

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A particularly bizarre example in the Pez Batara, a mecha specifically designed to ram. A tactic Kouji favors when he is battling a flying fortress is ramming through it, destroying and blowing up so much as he is able before using one of Mazinger's stronger attacks to blast the airship off the sky.

Or course, the Big Bad was powered by it too, but he's evil, so it's OK. In the movie, the Moon transforms into the Cathedral Lazengann as soon as its defenders are gone then tries to punch the Earth in a unique take on Colony Drop.

Harlock likes to ram his ship, the Arcadia, Sci fi speed dating phoenix things so much that the ship has a retractable, Bowie knife-shaped ram hidden in the prow. Comic Strips In the Garth Ennis revival of Dan Darethis seems to be a standard tactic as the Royal Navy capital ships have extendible bow rams and Dare uses these to board the Mekon's flagship.

Ramming is also a Space Battle gameplay element in the Star Wreck Role-Playing Gamethough captains who make a habit out of it won't win any popularity contests.

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Catch is, if she is sitting on a classmate instead of chair then there are two people not in chairs and thus an empty chair somewhere which would have been obvious. And that's not taking into the account the fact that Konoha was involved in three other world wars and countless other conflicts including the Uchiha Clan Massacre that no doubt had taken out a large chunk of its ninja population