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The wonderliter style, and others that followed, are collectively called Strike or Striker lighters. So the lighter shows are the place I go nowadays to find great lighters.

From a lighter collector's point of view, it is clear that many companies copied Ronson's mechanism and at least one company pushed Ronson management to the breaking point and a lawsuit was filed for Patent infringement.

They sell butane fuel. Now, that will light your fire. These are some examples, but certainly not an all-inclusive list. Are there electric lighters today? The very best china made in the world, like Lenox, had lighters built into them.

Today Zippo is still just selling fluid and flints and wick lighters. Once smoking was okay for women in the s, Ronson really catered to the female market, and there are some absolutely gorgeous Ronson cigarette cases and lighters.

Zippo has not made a butane lighter for a long time. If your lighter works, I'd encourage you to carry it -- though not take up smoking this advice coming from an avid cigar lover as a habit. We collect all kinds of things from the Art Deco period, so I look for cigarette lighters which reflect that design.

It is simply amazing the incredible variety and seemingly endless designs attributable to Ronson and their employees.

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The lighter clubs and the lighter shows are also a great way to network with your fellow collectors. We expect all of our submissions to come from people 18 years of age or older.

Once the 's rolled around there were many Companies competing for the burgeoning market of mass-produced lighters and smoking accessories. Another friend of mine collects Ronson bookends, some very Art Deco pieces. But the smalls are really enjoyable.

The Deco things we collect are what they call smalls.

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A Brief History on Smoking: He actually started in New York City, where he grew up and went to school. This company was a leader of the Art Deco movement in America, and probably, the world.

It was a great ad because it was a beautiful array of different-colored plastics, but it was a disposable lighter.