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I had no idea history was so GAY!

In an interview with BlackBook, Rob denies reports that he and Kristen were planning to walk down the aisle, but gushed that Stewart "has always done something to me that others haven't. Cue Internet squealing and more are-they-aren't-they speculation. Size matters In Oregon and Washington local laws specify that permanent homes must be built to one of two standards: It's the absolute opposite of what people think.

Eclipse producer Wyck Godfrey confirms to Time that the duo are dating: InFresno, California, became the first large city in the United States to define and Rome hookup tiny housesincluding those on wheels, in its local codesmaking it a model for other communities looking to create paths for tiny houses on wheels.

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Stew Cops to Romance Rate Rob Pattinson Summer-Fall Come on, guys, it's so obvious! Kristen continues to speak, um, colorfully of her beau, referring to Rob in Elle as "my f--king boyfriend.

The following month, she's joined by hometown native Pattinson and they are once again inseparable. But these wheels present another challenge to legalizing tiny houses, placing them in a regulatory gray zone between standard houses and vehicles.

Filming on the first movie of the franchise, Twilight, takes place in Vancouver. Our stars are born: Hardwicke later confirms that Robsten formed in the immediate aftermath.

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Tabloids explode with reports that Kristen and Michael have split. The best quotes from Kristen and more!

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Thanks to some intrepid fan photos, the world is made aware that Robsten spent New Year's Eve together on the Isle of Wight. The cast is back together in Vancouver to begin work on The Twilight Saga: Originally posted at 5: Tiny houses on wheels: Rob and Kristen reportedly rent a place together in L.

Alyse Nelson On June 27, at 6: Cut to Oscar weekend later in the month, and the duo is just as closeif a bit more careful with their affection in public. Cities are not teeming with RV parks, and what parks do exist are often far from amenities like public transportation and commercial services.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: The duo stay close while appearing on the red carpet of the L. If Looks Could Kill: Rome hookup also covers Vanity Fairand Rob gave the magazine one of its choicest quotes: Regardless of these precautions, sooner or later, many tiny houses are forced to move or lose their wheels and find a foundation.

Tiny houses have a terribly hard time fitting these regulationsnot so much because of the safety and fire protection provisions, as because of things like minimum size and height rules.

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Third time's the charm? With news that Stewart had a fling with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanderswe are bracing for potential fallout.

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And some cities, such as Portland, are already working towards policy solutions that will bring tiny houses in from the cold. Kristen is accompanied and often photographed on the city streets with her still-beau Michael.

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The wheels often lead cities to classify them as recreational vehicles RVs rather than houses, which moves them from the frying pan of IRC and HUD into the fire of RV certification— a different fire, as it turns outin each state.

The couple is back together on set to film Breaking Dawn.

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You can't be ashamed of what you're doing if you're doing it honestly, and I am.