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With all the different ways to bully someone now a days, no child can really feel safe anymore even in their own homes. Physical bullying, Emotional Bullying, Sexual bullying, Cyber bullying, and For example, a child that grows up in a substance abuse home usually gets abused by their parents physically and verbally especially when those parents are tweaking for the next high.

Many believe that bullies are performing their vicious acts based off of their own short comings, their own faults.

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Once a bully has created this superiority, the bully will continue to victimize their offender. Bullying depends upon an imbalance of power, which can be created by any number of factors, including but not limited to physical size, age, popularity and psychological strength Rigby, ; Junoven, Research essays on bullying As such, the agenda of this discussion scrutinizes how ethnicity is related to one being a bully or bullied.

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Victims are affected by bullying in many different ways, to the extent of commiting Stafford English 12 6. A Disability Bullying It happens all over the world. As a matter of fact, bullying can bring about lifelong psychological effects that may require therapy to overcome More people need to be informed on what bullying is, how bullying differs as children grow up, the effects of bullying, how bullying has changed and how bullying can be prevented.

Also, school bullying has effects on relationships between victims and their parents and friends.

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Bullying has always been a serious problem for schools in the U. The role of the Strength and Conditioning coach is to make that for the athletes.

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Who can really help the victim is the victim itself. Are those definitions useful to you?

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Of course, growing in such family is not an assurance that a child will become a bully. What causes this to happen? Children bully because of abuse at home, feelings, and inferiority.

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As analyzed further by DeVoe and Murphya higher percentage of white, non-Hispanic reported being harassed at school followed by black, African-American students.

It has the power to destroy lives, mentally and physically.

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Even taking place online, cyberbullying may have serious consequences for its victims in the real world. During my school years, I have become the victim of cruelty, gossip, and abuse; I continue to encounter these bullying actions today.

Some reasons are due to dysfunctional families, were there could be parents who are divorced or have a substance abuse problem causing hurt and harm to these children who sees no alternative but to take their pain away by taking their own lives.

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