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Reply Link Carole holland July 23,9: Featured role in That's So Raven Reunion[ edit ] Eight years after the series ended, there was speculation and rumors that the series would get a second spin-off or revamp.

This is also quite popular in Eastern media, being the traditional standard of Asian beauty, and the fact that most of the population has black or very dark brown hair helps. Mariko Shinobu and "Mona Lisa" Komabayashi.

She has raven black hair that is always neatly bound, pale, flawless skin and carries herself with quiet grace and dignity.

Mokuzu Umino, a teenage girl considered to be quite the beauty despite her really weird behaviorand who possesses black hair and eyes plus very pale skin. He has pale skin and long black hair, and the community in-story regard him as an unearthly beauty.


In the second spin-off, Raven's HomeRaven eventually married her first love Devon but they got divorced. His both parents are deseased.

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He "invents" many different gadgets in various episodes, such as the "remote-controlled refrigerator opener". Griffin mentioned his wife died from Raven online dating cancer. Even as he gets older, he claims that playing pranks on Raven is one of his guilty pleasures.

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He got into the "Up with Goodness" program, feigned an ankle injury, and stole Cory's presentation. Fairy Tales Snow Whitethe "fairest of them all" princess.

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Scott Watkins and he claim to leave in Wisconsin. Raven was born as the daughter of the inter-dimensional demon lord aka her possessive and selfish father, Trigon in Azarath, Netherworld and was being raised by him, unknowingly doing a lot of bad deeds with him until she left him and realised how foolish she had been.

She halted her studies to raise her family, but decided once the children were older to continue studying law.

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By the series final "Where There's Smoke" Cindy has started smoking. She and the three others then gave Robin a total makeover inside the toilet through the use of her magic, which she suggested and decided to change his hairdo.

I would like to put him on my prayer list if he is. Reply Link criselda July 17,2: Sebastian has pale skin to contrast with his black hair and attire, and that's part of the reason why he has so many admirers.

Compare Dark-Skinned Blondits visual inverse. Reply Link Diana Lincoln August 4,7: He is the guitar player in "Cory and the Boys".

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Reply Link Inga September 8,6: In fact, he's the most pale-skinned character in the series which also makes him a perfect Aloof Dark-Haired Boy. Most of her outfits are black and white. In Septemberthe show also spawned a fragrance and an MP3 player. He said he needs it to complete an assignment.

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She was replaced in season 3 by Bianca Erica Riverabecause, according to Muffy, she was so bad, she got sent to military schoolwhile Bianca was so bad that she got kicked out of military school. He is a kid in the day care in the Mr.

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And in Mariko's case, her cherry-red lips. This causes her to get her head shaved and covered up. The band has one song: Raven's demonic tentacles of fury Season 1 Laundry Day While she was doing the laundry which it was actually Robin's turnshe wears a bathrobe with Raven online dating hood Raven online dating to her cloak and pink bunny slippers.

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And he kept coming back to leave having to be now. The Juicer, played by Dan Mott The Juicer is a nickname given to him for his strange ability of "juicing" things; his real name is not revealed.

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She also wears blue and white knee socks in " Artful Dodgers ", red and white knee socks in " Boys vs Girls ", and purple and white knee socks in " Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt Blake berris dating.