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USB hub power circuitry tests This section describes two tests that will verify that a USB hub has the correct power circuitry. Listed in lsusb as Genesys Logic.

Exactly how much current mA the Raspberry Pi requires is dependent on what you connect to it.

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I suspect this is a problem with the USB driver that does not manage to work around some brokeness in the hub chip. The ic will still be powered from the bus because there is a second trace from the 5v input.

PoweredUSBHubstogether with similar measurements of other devices.

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The hub does not backpower the Raspberry Pi, and appears to have complete isolation on the 5V lines between the input port and output ports. Was not able to record audio properly via a Soundblaster Play!

Sometimes they reconnect with a different device, sometimes they do not.


Input is a USB 3. If you trigger a relay, and the circuit doesn't come on - how do you know from miles away? This hub is completely generic and I've seen it being sold under different brand names as well.

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The thick red branch terminating at the hub diode emphasizes its role in preventing back-powering of the Raspberry Pi through the hub mini B port.

Please also be aware that some hubs will backfeed the Raspberry Pi. How do I power my Raspberry Pi? When connecting some devices it kills the Ethernet with "smsc95xx We therefore recommend that powering via the GPIO only be achieved via a protected source. BambiB 2 years ago Reply One "downside" might be that there's no provision to report back the "actual" state of a relay.

Connect the ground of that source to Pin 6 GND. Tested with kernel 3. Second, the hub diode prevents back-powering, that is, current cannot flow in the reverse direction from the hub coaxial power connector back out to the micro B input port and into the Raspberry Pi.

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Bluetooth that works connected directly to the Raspberry Pi triggers the error. Model B rev 1 appear to be stable.

In this case it may be desirable to power the Raspberry Pi from the USB hub instead of in the usual manner from a separate power supply.

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I wouldn't try to connect a space heater or refridgerator to these outlets. As of Wheezy, if any USB 1. Occurs even if power is not attached not a power leakage problem. Output power test USB hub output power test schematic.

The presence of the 0. If an incorrect voltage is applied, or a current spike occurs on the line you can permanently damage your Raspberry Pi.

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Causes Ethernet instability when used under very specific circumstances, in X Other hubs will provide as much power as you want out each port.

Additionally, since you already have some redundancy, get 2 Pies and 2 sets of relays. The 7th port is a BC 1. Teoatawki 2 years ago The devices I plan on connecting to the outlet controller: What are the downsides to this hack, if any?

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