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Another inscription from Maski describes the place as a capital and makes a reference to the reign of Jayasimha. Then came the Kakatiyas in the 13th century.

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Nripatunga, a Rashtrakuta king, has described Koppal in his Kannada work, Kavirajamarga, as the great Kopananagara. After the end of the war, the scheme was resumed and production started in Septemberat the rate of tonns of ore per day.

This concentrate of gold is further purified by melting with fluxes to remove impurities and then cast into bars, weighing about g. There were, however, frequent wars between the Chola kings of the south and the Chalukyan kings of Kalyani aka Western Chalukyas for supremacy over the Raichur region and the territory had passed into the hands of the Cholas for a brief period.

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It was captured by Bahmani Sultanate in The population of the labour colony constructed by the Company is Raichur dating 10, According to an inscription from Manvi taluk, one Jagattunga, a subordinate ruler under the Rashtrakuta king Krishna-II, was ruling the province of Adedore Eradusavirapranta, i.

The wedge of land between the rivers is known as the Raichur Doabafter the city of Raichur.

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Tourism[ edit ] Among the historical attractions in the district is the Raichur Fort, built in Later the whole of the present Raichur district was included in the dominions of the Rashtrakutaswho rose to power in the eighth century, as could be gathered from the inscriptions of that period found in this district.

Development rise are taken driven in the mineralized zone. Method of working and production: Bijapur and Yadgir districts lie to the north across the Krishna River.

The Adil Shahi Kings of Bijapur built the fort. The blocks are made ready for stoping. Between andit was part of Hyderabad State. From an inscription on the fort-wall of Raichur, referred to earlier, it is learn that the original fort was built by one Gona Ganna Reddy, a general of the Kakatiya queen Rudramma Devi of Warangalin A.

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The fact that three minor rock edicts of Ashoka are found in this Raichur dating one at Maski in the Lingasugur taluk and the other two near Koppal, prove that this area was included in the dominions of the great Mauryan king Ashoka - B.

It was passed to Bijapur Sultanate in after fragmentation of Bahmanids.

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The industry closed down in due to technical difficulties and lack of funds. The Haihayas and Sindas also seem to have ruled some parts of this region for sometime.

The Vakatakaswho reigned during the 3rd and 4th centuries A.

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Hatti Gold Mines This mine is probably one of the most ancient metal mines in the world, dating to the Pre-Ashokan period. The site has an edict of Emperor Ahoka and it was the first edict of Emperor Ashoka that contained the name Ashoka in it instead of the earlier edicts that referred him as Devanampiye piyadasi.

During Nizam rule it was part of Gulbarga Division. The cyanide polluted effluent water is contaminating the local ground water.