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Civil Wars make nations weak as we have seen with the removal of all Islamic leaders by the current administration in order to place the Muslim Brotherhood in power.

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They do not not come from decaying organic matter. A nation were more than half the population speaks Russian as well. There were never that many dinosaurs.

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It is all a massive fraud. Senator, and Secretary of the Interior.

Islam is doing a great job thus far eh? Again you are wrong and trying to get the USA to kill the USA is a a military ploy used all over the world as we have seen with the current administration messing around killing off leaders in Islam and Ukraine as well in order to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power.

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That divide and conquer thingamajig just is obvious it hurts. When a person has such a long history of dishonesty, is it possible there are people who still take him seriously? If it is science, how can there be a consensus?

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They use their lofty positions to hide their ignorance. Tomm Dee Oakeefe why do you morons always try to changed the subject? For instance we learned the importance of language from George Orwell in and Animal Farm.

Hope you have also learned there is no such entity as radical ISlam only Islam where again usage of language is very important. I simply pointed out the FACT that they manipulate the data — and admit it.

They always correct it warmer than the average…. Pelosi Galore Absolutely correct!! Islam and Sharia law violate the US Constitution.

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His ability to recruit German-speaking immigrants to the Union armies garnered the approval of President Abraham Lincoln. He Potholer54 carbon dating also an accomplished journalist, newspaper editor and orator, who in became the first German-born American elected to the United States Senate.

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Engage Gray Matter One seldom gets to use it in a sentance. That is patently false.

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How might it change the warming effect of the greenhouse gasses that are emitted when they are burned?