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And now because of their mistake I have to wait for my money to be refunded on my card…. You can thank me later.

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I called back and he then began to lecture me on being respectful to him Pizza lovers dating eventually hung up on me a second time. Ultimate Hershey's Chocolate Chip Cookie Although technically not a pizza, this dish Pizza lovers dating in the shape of a large circle, so it deserves honorable mention.


Now, go out there and score some delicious Pizza Hut pizza, whether it's something simple like a pepperoni pie or the more extravagant stuffed crust.

His attitude was unacceptable. The Premium Garden Veggie Pizza is packed with all your favorite veggies green peppers, red onions, spinach, and mushrooms atop a crushed Roma tomato sauce. I tried to explain to the Manager and he was so condescending and would not listen to me.

I would like a call back about this. Paid and tipped and returned home. This cookie is crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside, and packed with loads of chocolate chips. You're tired and starving from cramming for midterms.

Because there's no such thing as bad pizza.

I told him I wanted credit to my account and that if the two employees had not been bullshitting and focused on their job it would not have happened. He hung up the phone. The second time I drove up there I looked at the pizza and the toppings looked cooked. Pizza Hut combined everything good in this world: Your wing and pizza cravings will be satisfied after munching on this guy.

Highly upset I have to order from another location and wait another hour! That email doesn't look right. As an added bonus, Pizza Hut is better than most other chains because the pepperoni is crispier and a little spicier.

It sounds too good to be true. This company needs an overhaul like undercover boss or something. Next time you're craving pizza, make the right choice and go for Pizza Hut.


He kept talking over me and raising his voice. BBQ, bacon, cheeseburgers, and pizza.

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But what really elevates this pizza is the salted pretzel crust, which is just as insane as it sounds. Did I make you hungry? Top it with some ice cream to customize your very own pizookie.

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They have lost a multiple year customer and I will be contacting corporate. Im a very patient person and I hardly get upset though I stayed calm over the phone with them, I am upset…nothing was done to rectify the situation but a sorry and rush off of the phone!

Italian Meatball Pizza I'd like to thank the Italians for inventing both pizza and meatballsbut praise Pizza Hut for bringing them both together in the best way possible.

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It's so filling that you'll forget there are no animal products. Every slice is hearty and perfectly greasy, and it's the optimal snack for studying and for keeping your spirits high.