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Framework for Performance Appraisal Because of the diversity of functional units and jobs within our department and university wide, the university has not adopted Performance management research papers pdf standardized appraisal system.

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It is important that employees have a clear understanding about what part of their performance is appraised and how it will be measured. These goals should be challenging but attainable.

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In order to assist administrators carry out their performance appraisals responsibilities, Human Resource Services will provide the following support services: The Human Resource Services office will notify the responsible provost, vice president, dean or major administrator of any employees within their operating units who do not have on file an acknowledgment that a performance appraisal was received twice a year.

The performance reviews of all supervisory personnel from senior administrators to first-line supervisors include a component focused on the quality, effectiveness, and results of the performance appraisal processes used by the supervisor in assessing the performance of those employees for whom he or she is directly responsible for.

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Operating departments are encouraged to develop an on-going process of evaluation and a performance evaluation is given every six months with a review instruments that best fits the department and management culture. Criteria are the indicators of successful performance on the job.

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Performance can be measured according to previously established and mutually understood goals between the employee and the supervisor. These senior officials are also responsible for ensuring that supervisors are appropriately trained to conduct performance appraisals.

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The basic components of the performance appraisal process that the University includes goals, objectives and criteria.

After the goals and objectives are established, criteria against which the employee's job performance can be evaluated are agreed upon.

Human resources drive the processes that achieve the teaching, research, and outreach mission of the university.

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Good performance goals, objectives, and criteria that the university looks for are: For the university to be successful there must be a shared vision of excellence throughout the university.

The university has adopted a Strategic Plan and one of its major strategies is to strengthen human resource management as well as professional development. The Provost, Vice President, Vice Provosts and Deans are responsible for knowing and approving the performance appraisals plans for their units; and are expected to review the plans in relations to the goals and objectives that have been set by the university.

The university depends upon skilled, motivated, and informed employees to achieve the common goal of becoming the best online university.

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