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Also, a lot of men use very old pics. To improve that results, Zhao's team developed a model combining two factors to recommend contacts: An additional one million offences - which are not included in the police figures - were dealt with by the courts in the year ending Decemberthe ONS said.

She cut off communication with him. Once it's gone, it can't be recovered.

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This graph shows the most prevalent types of crimes committed in the 12 months to March But the number of reported rapes has risen by two per cent in the past year, with the increase thought to be linked to the knock-on effect of the Jimmy Savile investigation.

Kang Zhao, assistant professor of management sciences in UI's College of Business, and UI doctoral student Xi Wang are part of a team that has developed an algorithm for dating sites that uses a person's contact history to recommend partners with whom they may be more romantically compatible.

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Location, location, location Location is common signal used, in conjunction with other clues, to determine whether a user is a fraudster. Still, users of dating sites should — as always — stay vigilant and practice healthy skepticism.

Typically, location is determined via shipping, billing, or IP address — but in this case, we took the location directly from what someone had filled in on their profile. Sorry, but any picture older than years is irrelevant.

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The FTC lays out a typical scenario: We also found that: But how rampant are fake dating profiles? One factor behind the substantial growth among younger adults is their use of mobile dating apps.

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After two weeks in Nigeria, he called me for money and said he couldn't cash his checks there. Zhao says he's had preliminary discussions with two dating services who have expressed interest in learning more about the model.

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The scam artist creates a fake profile, gains the trust of an online love interest, and then asks that person to wire money -- usually to a location outside the United States.

OnGuardOnline provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information.

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Since it doesn't rely on profile information, Zhao says it can also be used by other online services that match people, such as a job recruiting or college admissions.

Not that people are dishonest when they use an online dating site but there's a disconnect -- what they say doesn't really match what they truly want.

Dating sites are taking notice. The Federal Trade Commission warns Americans to tread carefully when entering the sometimes-murky waters of online dating, where the promise of love dupes many people into opening their wallets or giving access to bank accounts or credit cards.

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Twitter While it is true that some people successfully find good, lasting relationships on online dating sites, it is also true that many end up frustrated and disappointed. I told him to go to an international bank and stop calling me.

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When he started calling her and asking for money, Weston knew something was up. Claiming to be from the United States but currently overseas.