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Ron is shown to despise hugs openly scoffing when being embraced by people like Andy and Chris. She gives birth to her first child, Jack, with monster makeup on and the song "Monster Mash" playing.

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Cut to a talking head, where he's clearly choked up at his coworkers finally calling him by his real name. Why must it continually turn over? Tour the home of Wisconsin's first governor or relive history at Stonefield Village.

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Features handicap- accessible picnic area, 1. Northern Highland - American Legion State Forest This is the largest of Wisconsin's state forests, with plenty of natural wilderness and solitude.

When Joan Callamezzo is honored by the mayor, April starts to feel that her life hasn't been fulfilled yet so Ben asks her what she wanted to be when she was ten years old so they visit a mortuary. Merrick State Park Located on the backwaters of the Mississippi River, this park is a year round haven for anglers.

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When he and Ron disagree over what April should be learningthey get sidetracked by a competition to see whose style works best. Also cut was a scene in which Ron chastises Leslie for yelling at Ben at the Snakehole Lounge and orders her to apologize to him so she will not be fired.

In "Doppelgangers", it seems like Tom's Eagleton counterpart is an Indian guy like him Lake Kegonsa State Park One of the best-kep secrets of southern Wisconsin, Lake Kegonsa offers a variety of recreational and natural delights.

Wisconsin Attractions: State Parks, Forests and Recreation Areas

We have the best patients in the world. Ron discovers that he is terrible at building gingerbread houses, and leaves the work to his subordinates.

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Leslie comes to live with him when she decides to run away from her problem of choosing between her boyfriend Ben, and running for city council. Schur said this habit was the first element the writers conceived for the character.

In the fifth season finale "Are You better off? The episode does provide a good demo on why not to do those things, though.

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And from gladiators into Swansons. She is shown pregnant again with her second child at the end. Tom is a silly, officious-looking Yorkshire terrier.

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Plot[ edit ] Leslie Amy Poehler excitedly prepares to present the parks department budget proposal, or "master plan". They decide to purchase it.

Ron Swanson

However, city manager Paul Phil Reevesannounces due to Pawnee's huge budget deficit, all proposals will be postponed indefinitely. Fowler also enjoyed that the normally-dissolute Tom formed an authentic romantic connection, and said Chris Pratt brought "a certain naturalness" to a role that could otherwise have been overly idiotic.

It helps that Andy has the mental maturity of a year-old.

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