Connecting a CPAP Machine to an Oxygen Concentrator Connecting a CPAP Machine to an Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrator hook up, instructions

Turn the wrench counterclockwise slightly to clear any dust or debris from the outlet. A light shows you when the unit is on.

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Attach the Velcro to the opposite side of the Velcro to secure it against the oxygen concentrator. This can cause a lot of discomfort, and even damage to your nasal passages.

Most stationary oxygen concentrators ones that only run on AC power and not DC or batteries accommodate for a humidifier bottle.

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Replace your nasal pillow or cushion every 6 months for hygiene. A circuit will then open a value to send the accurate amount of oxygen to the user. Attach the nozzle to the tubing, and to the humidifier port.

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Once you're done using them, turn off your oxygen concentrator first and then the CPAP machine. When many people sleep, their throats or nasal passages become dry anyway, and the addition of oxygen therapy air blowing into your nasal passages In any case, you can purchase a humidifier bottle that is compatible with your oxygen concentrator.

You are now ready to use your oxygen concentrator with the humidifier.

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This keeps your mouth, nose and throat moist and comfortable. Simply use a mixture of mild soap and water. Make sure your mask is snug and not overly tight; tightness will cause soreness and temporary strap marks on the face.

This process of alternating the pressure in-between the two cylinders allows for a constant supply of oxygen always being produced. Now close the valve by turning the wrench clockwise. Remove the cap by gently twisting and pulling until it pops off.

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Make sure the lid is screwed on firmly and the wing nut of the humidifier is securely attached to the oxygen source Attach the nasal cannula to the protruding end piece on the top of the bottle.

Jul Why use a Humidifier Bottle with your In-home Concentrator One of the potential adverse effects of using supplementary oxygen with an in-home continuous flow concentrator is dry nasal passages.

You might also require one if you have to use your oxygen concentrator while you sleep.

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Attaching a humidifier to your oxygen concentrator is very easy. As an authorized reseller, we have the pleasure of providing you with some of the best brands of portable and home oxygen concentrators on the market.

If this occurs, check the tubing to ensure there is no kinking or blockage, before resuming usage of the humidifier.

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Even filtered tap water can still have tiny impurities that might not be harmful to you, but can cause build up and malfunctions in the oxygen concentrator.