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A year later, the Gordon Commission 's nationalist flavour found practical expression with the creation of the Canada Development Corporationto "buy back" Canadian industries and resource with deals that included a takeover of the Western operations of France's Aquitaine and their conversion into Canterra Energy.

Consequently, there has tended to be much less intergovernmental conflict and more agreement on how these projects should be handled.

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Initially, its assets consisted only of the federal government's share of the oil sands company Syncrude and the Arctic oil explorer Panarctic Oils. This new city hall complex also contained an adjacent 19th century restored heritage building formerly known as the Ottawa Normal School. Shortly thereafter, Alberta's Legislature passed the Gas Resources Conservation Act, which gave Alberta greater control over natural gas at the wellhead, and empowered the Oil and Gas Conservation Board to issue export permits.

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Alberta accepted the recommendations of the Dinning Commission, and later declared it would only authorize exports of gas in excess of a year supply.

Energy crises and [ edit ] Inthis situation changed abruptly. These pipelines did more to improve the energy security of the United States than that of Canada, since the Canadian government was more interested in the country's trade balance than in military or energy security.

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To protect confidentiality, committee members turn in their copies of proposal materials for shredding at the end of the assessment meeting. Represent highest standards of contemporary artistic excellence Be conceptually and visually innovative Have a significant presence that attract visitors to the site Speaks to the creative endeavours located within OAG and Arts Court Be made of materials that are suitable to the environment, durable and require minimal maintenance Be safe for the public Comply with all building and electrical codes and bylaws Sites The public art for OAG Expansion and Arts Court Redevelopment is to be located on the exterior of the facility.

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Syncrude opened the second major facility in Also 19 deposits of oil shales have been identified in Canada. Hibernia did not produce oil until and Terra Nova until When the Conservatives replaced the Liberals in power inthey began to reverse the nationalization process.

Examples include the Kipawa earthquake[77] a magnitude It was able to bypass the unnavigable sections of the Cataraqui and Rideau rivers and various small lakes along the waterway due to flooding techniques and the construction of 47 water transport locks.

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Hence they began naming the falls and river 'rideau' which is the French equivalent of the English word for curtain.

Its programs explore a variety of issues and include exhibitions, talks, lectures, tours and publications. Also inthe federal government blocked a proposed purchase of Canadian-controlled Home Oil by American-based Ashland Oil.

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Known today as the Trillium Lineit was dubbed the O-Train and connected downtown Ottawa to the southern suburbs via Carleton University. Artists may consider other sites however will require review and approval by the Project Team.

The federal government's policy objectives at the time reflected concern for national integration and equity among Canadians. Because Ottawa valley dating sites these combined factors, proposals for major gas transportation projects carried political as well as economic risks.

The NCC, through its responsibility for planning and development of these lands, is an important contributor to both cities. Across the canal to the west lies Centretown and Downtown Ottawa, which is the city's financial and commercial hub and home to the Parliament of Canada and numerous federal government department headquarters, notably the Privy Council Office.

Geologists soon began to identify and drill other Devonian reefs within the province - mostly in the north-central portion of the province. Nine days later, his government imposed a cent tax on every barrel of exported Canadian oil.

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