Court decision on real estate commission rules seller must pay Court decision on real estate commission rules seller must pay

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Never had any pain. McPhillips ' resignation upon an appointment to the Court of Appeal. So far, so good. Tim Jan 2, 6: Lookinf forward to having the old me back. The general strike and revolution never happened, but the city was flooded in the spring of with striking relief camp workers, which metamorphised into the On-to-Ottawa Trek that left Vancouver atop boxcars in early June.

After some prodding and then a scan the doctor decided that there was no haematoma but some post-operative swelling of the epididimis.

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And I do not regret it. I did also hve a vasectomy and I think thats why I was a little more soar. TJ Jan 7, I had no drain tube, dissolvable stitching. The nurse was really good though she kept putting warm blankets over me which helped with that.

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Mine is about mm 4" by about 2" and has become awkward and somewhat painful, especially after sitting for a long time. Tim you have the right attitude, you keep having faith in God and he will hear you out without God we are nobody.

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It became less intense and more of a radiating "toothache" type pain through my groin. Tim Dec 28, After 3 days the swelling had reached the size of an orange and the pain was enormous too, so my GP referred me back to the hospital where the surgery had been carried out.

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Yeah lets's see I hopped out and went and got her. I was surprised that it looked really good.

Reevely: Ontario’s government can’t keep up a permanent war with its auditor | Ottawa Citizen

The ultimate national program is already being discussed. In fact i'd say my recover has been quite "pleasurable" not in the sense that i'd recommend it for the crack of it but i have suffered minimal discomfort. He has knowledge and carries with him authority and has fine organizing ability.

My goal is to be drug free by Feburary of i. Thank you for your excellent service.


This morning I took my first shower and remove the gause pad. I have several unrelated surgeries so I'm well Ottawa hydro hook up with post-operative recovery. It remains to be explained how Canada expects to impress the world as an attractive business location if the only way to get anything done is to nationalize it, but the plan reflects the evident belief among Canadians that if something is important, the government should be in charge.

I am a little swollen but not as bad as I thought I would be and no oozing iether. The Urologist then reopened the scrotum and did a "re-do.