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One direction preferences hes dating your best friend wattpad, he's dating your best friend but you like him

You swore that with every minute he was with her, he became more of a hopeless romantic than anything else.

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Let's go get food now! As you sat down at the couch, the lyrics in front of you on the coffee table, your guitar firmly in your hand, your eyes scanned the paper while your fingers began to strum some directionless chords.

You shook your head, popping a chocolate in your mouth.

Finally, the one day of the week, you had the house to yourself. Her teeth tugged at her bottom lip. And she went home for the night, strict orders on not to visit her. To say the least, you were shocked.

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You had gotten through a large portion, happy with your progress and the sound you're making, someone comes knocking on the front door. She's been keeping it to herself for a bit now, I'm guessing.

Your mind was racing as were your eyes, back and forth between friends on opposite sides of the room. But soon remembered no one knew of you taking a liking to this boy. That fateful night flashed in your head again. Not only did you have to watch your best friend be lovey-dovey with the boy you liked for months now.

Your confidence deflated with a slight gulp as your eyes darted to anywhere but her. You decided now would be a good time to play your guitar as you have been dabbling with some lyrics lately and haven't put them to words yet.

It was a room of about seven people in total, mostly middle-aged couples. It hurt you to think about it. Obviously, since there was no one else in the room you knew, you turned to Louis, his hand reaching out as if to 'ask for this dance. Of course you accepted the offer, thinking it wouldn't be that bad.

But, I guess that doesn't even matter You swore never to speak a word, not jeopardizing your best friend's happiness or relationship with her.

So, the three of you became a trio or more like a couple and a major pitied third-wheel, and this instance wasn't any different. You knew you needed to calm down somehow, so you strolled away from the couple, them hardly noticing, and laying yourself down among the grass and dandelions blowing in the crisp spring air.

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I'm keeping this lovely lady because she's doing an outstanding job. Your aunt was having her wedding soon and-considering you and your best friend were practically family-your aunt invited her too. Now, here he is, standing in your doorway with the sweetest smile you have ever seen.