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Now it is consistent with Leap Second Pending bit operation. Not exiting DST mode properly when "day of week" value matches the first day of the following month BZ They are another way for publishers to draw the interest of a reader to your book.

Again, this is another way to develop a hook from a marketing perspective.

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Add legacy support for "xxxA" command response. BZ 25Aug Fixed Event Input Ns power hook up the start index was not properly set after events were erased. Guest column by Kathryne Kennedy, award-winning author of magical romances.

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One day soon, you may very well be using it in an advertisement for your own novel … or seeing it on the cover of your book. Fix IR serial command.

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This allows more control over the internal time keeping mechanisms. Reference BZ Broadcasting from main and optional serial port problem at baud.

Fixed the overlap of the serial commands to set the longitude and configure the event index.

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BZ Will randomly acquire time when powered up with no antenna. Complete "Position Hold ID" user or survey position flag Block user from changing user position or position hold setting while survey active.

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Does not affect clock operation at the outputs BZ You can study the taglines from your favorite books to help you craft your own, and expand on them if necessary to use for the opening line of your query letter. Kathryne is excited to give away a free copy of her novel to random commenter.

Fix IP address display to use periods. This is related to the new "EN" command that starts the event count at zero or one.

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And most importantly, the agent or editor will know how to sell it. Option "PS" command doesn't return correct value. And despite the artistry involved in literature, and the often subjective process in publishing, the hard truth is that this is a sales-driven industry.

Time quality no longer displays locked, maximum accuracy immediately after reacquiring satellites.

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Default configuration will be 0. Fixed formatting related to the version strings. We, as authors, try so hard to summarize our entire book, instead of just picking out the one or two elements that make our book unique, that I think we get lost when trying to do something like this.

But practice will make it easier for you, and I hope the following ideas will help.

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Then pay attention to the slight differences in the ads, where a unique quality of the book is highlighted, whether that may be a character, setting, or plot.

Add 3D mode qualification for routine that calculates the survey position. For example, the tagline on the cover of my December release, Beneath the Thirteen Moons.

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BZ Leap second pending always 0 for Motorola 8-channel receiver. Unzip the downloaded file to access the PDF instructions and individual update files. Fix leap second operation to properly warn and implement the leap second.

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