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Wilson was born in Dec in Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland.

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Go to the main Ayrshire Paths website. One of the problems I'm running into is with his grandfather and great grandfather.

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There are two closed railway stations: Any help would be appreciated. The Kelburn Castle Tower House dates from with additions in and Jean was born inin Ayr, and died inin Ayr. I have family photos that show James my grandfather and his two brothers, Johnny and Tommy; however, I have no photos that include George or Caroline.

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Thank you in advance and would love making contact with any Kerr family members. Births Deaths and Marriages information for East Ayrshire from - present day, website: I then get to the Tannehill side and am lost. East Ayrshire is from Kilmarnock to Cumnock in the east.

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He married a young lady named Agnes whom I believe was also from Ayrshire, and they had either 5 or 6 children, one being my great grandfather John Connell, born around Please contact me at: Cheers Claud Jones, Anchorage Alaska. Ardrossan North was adjacent to Montgomerie Street, and the platform remains can still be seen, although the redevelopment of the former Shell Bitumen Plant site edges closer to the remains.

One of his sons is William McRae Sr.

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Three weeks ago my mother passed away at age 89 and she had told me that out of all the places she had lived she enjoyed Prestwick Scotland the most.

I stopped hearing from her in about ? I am trying to find out if this was Margaret Ann Hosie, and if so how to establish this.

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The Boyles have owned the Kelburn lands since It needs to be removed as matter of urgency. Eventually our family did immigrate to Quebec.

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Old Parish Records date from to John Galt refers to handball being played in Irvine against the back wall of a malt-kiln.

Came to America on the ship called "The Seven Brothers" in There is a magnificent painted timber ceiling. From Donegal immigrated to America in This was once the home of Lord Kelvin famous Glasgow scientist who was most Tinder dating app itunes known for his Kelvin temperature scale based on absolute zero.

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