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Formal greenlighting was expected to happen in the first week of April He taught me technique, but most of all he taught me about the relationship with patients.

Jacqueline continued to appear in the series, and was joined by Alan Davidas reluctant swinger Glynn Flint; Glynn's wife Rhiannon played by Ruth Madoc was holidaying in France with Donald.

Summer Special [ edit ] Benidorm returned for a one-hour summer special which featured all the regular cast plus Jack Elliott Jordan and a wanted murderer named Enrique Christopher Sciueref. Asa Elliott made further guest appearances in Neptunes.

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The last episode of the series saw the last appearance of Troy until series 8 in January New dating programme itv He plays a practical joke on Michael and Tiger which leads to Michael punching him in the face.

Plus, Noreen brought her stressed-out daughter Pauline Selina Griffiths on holiday in place of Geoff.


Ward Nurse, Cottingley Ward. Gavin Hugh Sachs and Troy Paul Bazely are on their first holiday together after setting up a successful hair salon.

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Mrs Leach told Winchester Crown Court West had told her he had made 'a pact' with Rose to take the blame for the killings and he had also claimed there were 'another 20 unknown victims'. Other favourites returning to the Solana Resort include popular swingers Donald and Jacqueline Stewart, who intended to claim their free holiday that manageress Joyce Temple-Savage promised them at the end of the last series.

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That is always in my mind. Series 9 [ edit ] In Februaryduring the airing of the eighth series, a ninth series was commissioned. Siobhan FinneranSteve PembertonSheila Reid and Oliver Stokes also returned, but only appeared in the first two episodes which were written specifically to end their time on the show.

Dominic West starred as detective Jimmy McNulty in The Wire 'I will never forget the images of police officers carrying their remains out of 25 Cromwell Street in crates.

Niky Wardley returned as Kelly this time with her mother Sylvia Wendy Richard who was a wheelchair-riding love rival for Madge, Margi Clarke made a brief appearance as Dorothy, Gavin's estranged mother, and Elliott Jordan played Jack, a British bar-owner in whom Janice found temptation.

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Retired Detective Superintendent John Bennett, who led the West inquiry, is also concerned the ITV drama should be an accurate portrayal of the investigation.

Stuart McGugan played Donald's practical-joking friend Wink, who electrocuted himself to death on-stage at Neptune's, and Lorraine Bruce appeared as one of Madge's estranged daughters.

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ITV claim their intention is to produce 'a sober, thought-provoking drama based on a true story" with the events unfolding through Janet Leach's eyes.

Gavin was given a new holiday companion, Kenneth Tony Maudsley.

This time he's very single and finds himself having a 'drunken encounter' with one of the known female holidaymakers. He was subsequently made into Assistant Manager. It began airing on 1 March and ended on 3 May.

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I was so young I never really got to know her, but I still miss her. Following his guest appearances in New dating programme itv 3 Tim Healy became a full-time cast member as barman Les, with his son Liam Adam Gillen tagging along to Benidorm for a cheap holiday.

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With Michael and Tiger off on trouble-making adventures around the resort, it isn't long before the Dykes and the Garveys begin to argue. Development[ edit ] Screenwriter Peter Bowker announced to the trade magazine Broadcast in July that he was developing a "big medical drama" for ITV.

In MayHealy fell ill whilst filming, resulting in him being written out of half of the series. Cast and characters[ edit ].

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He wanted the drama of Monroe to be similar to the American medical series House ; "It may be foolish to compare the two but with neurologists, as with House, there Dating service mission statement this very intense 10 days when you work with them on a case and then you say goodbye — it is really quite fascinating and will hopefully make great drama.

The drama entered the pre-production stage in Marchwhen Laura Mackie and ITV's director of television Peter Fincham commissioned it for the network. The series will consist of 9 episodes.