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I'm no scientist, just a lazy engineer that takes a more "cowboy" approach to these sort of things - which is to just try it first and see what happens. The Moo Men are known to attack villages and take breaks in their attacks by grazing in the fields.

If I could have but one bait to bass fish with for life this would be it!

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I have to say this is by far my favorite top water bait of all time. Best topwater bait bar none. When the Fire Titan has Angie cornered, she pulls off a diversion to try to contact the others.

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When the gang deleted the profile, he disappeared. Ive used a lot over the last summer and man am i sold on the these top water lures.

It needs to be attacked with two weapons simultaneously or else it will split into two.

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Cochrane until he was barded by Angie. When angered, he gives them a swirly then eats their face off. Customer Reviews Just when you thought hook technology had reached its pinnacle, along comes a real innovation from Owner America Corporation. This is my go to when nothing else works because it catches em and the bites are fantastic From: To get control of him during the promotion, Max had the Merchant wears a shock collar.

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Spits and pops great. Invizio wanted revenge on them for that action.

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He was created by Maldark and sent to the human world to spy on the NeverFail clan in his hamster form. When Lyle finally stood up to him, Titocona attacked and chased after Mr. Joaquin fought the Wind Titan online to keep it from leaking onto Earth.

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He was barded by Lyle. In the game, it is a pet created by Max Ross to be a pet that reviews constant love and attention. Bait works great though.

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