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Msc dissertation project management, key information

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Examinations are held on the third day of the core modules Part IV: Additionally, these strategies and approaches are linked with business Project Management metaphors and scientific philosophies to develop your dissertation of a business project management theme. The role of business in the social and economic conditions of human beings remains a major concern for contemporary and sustainable international business.

You will learn the key issues in relation to employability prospects and build your career development plans. Examinations aim to test and develop your ability to think on your feet and provide logical and well-formed arguments under time pressure.

Central to the module is the development of a perspective that sees an increasing role for co-creation with consumers in relationships and the effective Describe a graph essay of appropriate customer experiences.

I was responsible for managing a project as part of the cost improvement programme. Essays involve written assignments where you will be expected to structure and develop arguments based on research and critical analysis of alternative perspectives and courses of action. The module brings together tools to enhance positive Msc dissertation project management objectives while dealing with negatives concerns and considering project risk management and finance.

The module is designed to provide students with a clear comprehension of marketing tools available and their use within an international environment, understanding the cultural diversity of their customers.

Postgraduate Staff Profile Dr. Value, innovation and change This module provides a thorough grounding on how projects and organisations might deal with various aspects of innovation, value development as means of executing the scope of the project and management change from a business project perspectives.

Students who choose not to do the project, or are unable to complete the programme within the five years, receive a Postgraduate Certificate on successful completion of four modules, including two core modules, or a Postgraduate Diploma on successful completion of eight modules.

This practical element, along with the understanding of key concepts and principles of identified approaches, enhances your professional competency and gives you the platform to work either in direct control of projects or in a research-based capacity looking at improving project processes, integrating projects with the business environment.

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You will learn about the development of practical skills and the techniques required by businesses to help in project management and the implementation of data management and data analytics solutions.

Each elective module is worth 15 credits. The Business Innovation Project, which forms the final third of your study, is designed to give you real-world experience so you can apply the theory you have learned.

Dissertation The dissertation aims to bring together all the various methodologies considered in the course, giving you the chance to illustrate mastery in the field of project management.

The module analyses the organisational structures of different aviation organisations in the sector e.

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Therefore a graduate entering the construction management arena must be well equipped to cope with the demands of the construction industry and its expectations of project management. Each elective is assessed by two pieces of coursework, the core modules are assessed by one piece of coursework and an examination.

Our Careers Gym offering group workshops on CVs, interview techniques and finding work experience, as well as regular presentations from employers across a range of sectors.

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At the end of the programme you will have improved your: Different scrum skills i. The comprehensive module range offers the student extensive choice, facilitating individual areas of expertise.

This module explores how strategy is conceived, how it affects the organisation and how the organisation can be designed to realise its strategy efficiently and effectively.