Momo Announces Acquisition of Tantan‎ Momo Announces Acquisition of Tantan‎

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Toji saves Momo from being bullied thanks to Sae's lies again and tells the truth about him and Momo, resulting in the students apologizing to Momo and hating Sae. Like her sisters, she has a cell phone capable of transporting objects.

Shortly after Nana's feelings for Rito grew and tried to sneak into his bed a second time, but found out Momo was already there. Ryo is in love with Misao, and dated her briefly, but Misao broke up with him because of his cold and manipulating attitude which is revealed when he smacks Sae after hurting Misao.

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The second person is Rito. Her tail is also able to shoot out lightning.

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They're arranged like this, see? Does your husband swing as well or remain faithful to you?

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Do you have any bisexual tendencies? Ryo is quite touched by Sae when she tells him she wants to make a family with him that will love him.

How did you meet your husband??? All these ups and downs make Sae realize that Momo, Kairi, and Kanji are the only people who care for her.

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They used to live with Zastin and his cohorts, but found it too cramped and uncomfortable. Both Nana and Momo are currently on Earth, running away from their studies.

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Beppo rubbed his eyes. When she found out Toji disliked girls with tan skin, she started to avoid swimming pools and wore a lot of sunblock to get her skin to its original color presumed to be fair.

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What do you like most about being a slut wife? Wanting Rito's love, but unwilling to cause conflict between her sister or Haruna, Momo realises if Rito becomes the next king of Deviluke, Earth laws will not apply to him, allowing him to create a harem where she can display her affections openly.

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