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Obviously this style of counseling requires a relatively oriented and insightful individual, or at least an individual who has the facility to be so.

The Egan model is not the only tool that I use in my counseling practice.

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They are never idle or stagnant. I believe that my model of counseling is based upon several different schools of thought. Still it can be very useful in a select population.

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Faith bases therapy requires slightly more emotional input from the counselors than some of the other modes of therapy that I use especially in the application of emotional input and the presentation to the client of belief choices that are based upon truth and the discovery of areas which can hinder recovery for this client.

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The biggest problem exists when the counselor either does not have enough of a repertoire of counseling skills to have one which will apply adequately for what the patient needs, or else that the counselor tries to use a counseling style which does not fit either the client or the problem itself.

Please note that we are ethical tutors who despise all forms of cheating. It is also important in this style of therapy, as it is with the others, that the client is stating a true life goal, and not something that the client thinks the counselor or a family member would want to hear.

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What conclusions can you draw? Describe what the issue or problem is, why it is important or interesting, and your findings. Results What are your findings?

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Links to these styles can be accessed by the buttons below. I feel that like Egan it is useful to use the TFA model since, once the counselor has a good idea about the client and his or her part history, the counselor is then able to find out the order in which counseling issues may be most effectively dealt with in the counseling relationship.

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