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Mbugua njihia dating service, kenya airways to run airports in rescue deal with kaa

As these services rollout, check to see which carrier is signing backhaul contracts with O3B. The other problem is the seeming impossibility of toll-free billed back to the campaign rather than to the user SMS, except as a special favour from a specifc operator.

Kenya proposes new corporate tax rate that would be highest in EA

Africa is Rising, not declining… and Google is simply planting seeds. Is this an unfair monopoly? I think business should make a profit, regardless of who your target market is.

Do customers have any alternatives? I wonder what the key words will be for the trader program. Not only are they creating a platform of services geared to the needs of the poor, but they are also investing in the informational highway that will deliver much richer content down the line.

Therefore there must be a cost to that benefit, regardless of how small. I am surprised that no one sees the end game here. I beg to differ. If it was charity, Google would foot the bill of all the SMS services at every Mbugua njihia dating service.


Basic Business principles still apply — that is, in a completely free market, that businesses will go to the extremes for profit and thus hurt society. We need to go back to the original question: So, when farmers in Iganga want to sell their maize, they can list their crop on Google Trader and a miller in another trading center can find and contact them to buy their goods.

If the services we are providing are as vital as we say they are, the answer is no. I am of the opinion that the premium should be minimal though eg.

Where Africa and Technology Collide!

The current scenario allows only for the likes of Google to come round and offer the same for FREE as they have resources to run ad infinitum.

In this case there are two clarification points to be made. David K — from the Google blog: Thing is the service will add value to the end user…right?

Katrin — Not all is naturally fair in markets. Now people in any part of Uganda can easily find the information that is most critical to them. To answer your question Hash, YES. Premium SMS should not be for messages that targets the poor; it should be left to entertainment, gambling, and other consumption related uses.